Sunday, December 21, 2008


OK so I am happy to say I am done shopping and wrapping.....I am happy that Christmas is right around the corner only because of that fact. I hate that part of the holiday. What I do love is the night of Christmas Eve. We have the traditional Italian fish night here at my house, even though my Mom does all the work. This year we have new family members coming which is wonderful. After we all eat and hang out my brother has an after hour thing at his house. This year is extar special because CHRIS FINALLY HAS THE HOLIDAY OFF!!! Also Tayla will be eating Christmas dinner with us. That makes this Christmas sooooooo special! My husband has not been home for one Christmas dinner since we met. He always takes New Years off to let the people he works with with little kids have the holiday, so to them people who have little kids and have to work the holiday because Chris got it off SORRY but I want my man home!!! Hey as long as Santa comes for them they will get over it! hahahaha Wow that is selfish but after 7 yrs I am due!!
So Worcester was absolutely killed with an ice storm and now this weekend it has basically been snowing since Friday afternoon and it is now sleeting out at 10:41 pm Sunday night. I am going into work with Chris in the AM so I dont have to drive in this weather. The forecast calls for everything to be iced in the morning so it should be NO FUN! After all 4 wheel drive dont matter on ice. I have been stuck in this house all weekend! UGH!! I do have to say there is not a dirty peice of laundry in the house (with exception of some clothes I am sure that are under my sons bed) My mom and I made Italian cookies this weekend also. I have to say they came out the best this year than ever!!! YUM!!! Nothing like Italian cookies at Christmas time! Mmmmnnn
Michele and I were suppose to go out for our Christmas dinner Saturday night but due to the wether that never happen...sad about that seeing we were both sitting on our couches all night!! Oh wait I did 4 wheel to the mall Saturday afternoon for Chris to START his Xmas shopping and he got it all done in 2 hours hahaha I guess I panic for nothing!
My back has been absolutly horrible still....I have had two chiropractor visits. I was emptying the dish washer this weekend and just like that WHAMO OUCH!!!! I couldnt even stand up! I iced it and took a pain pill and it fealt better but that sucks soooo bad something little like that throws it off. I had to pass up Easter Seal hours because lifting patients cant be good, I do not want to drop a 90 year old who is trying to get out of bed because my back goes out!
My friend Linda got the deal of lifetime......a friend of her hubby offered them his house in Fort Myers for 11 days so lucky her took off to Florida for the Holiday. She has been tryin to get to Florida for months so her wish came true! Boy did she leave right in time...missing all this snow to lay on the beach!! As much as I am jealous of her right now I am very happy for her!!!
This will be a short week.......EDCO gives up 1/2 day on Wed and off Thur and Fri. I am thinking I may take Wed off seein I have comp time from all the parties I stayed late for! We'll see if I can get my progress notes done in the next two days!

Well I am off to bed so I can wake up with the roosters in the morning to get to work with Chris.
Sweet dreams!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the season.............

The craziness of the Holiday season is in full effect.....I still have a few more gifts to buy although I am not stressing out about it. There are much more important things to stress out about. I got a phone call last night with some horrible shocking news. One of my clients at work passed away unexpectedly. He was such a fun guy, although he had his moments, but don't most of them!??! He had such silly ways about him and I will miss him dearly!!! He was one of our younger ones. RIP GARY you will be missed terribly!!!

Well last night Worcester was hit with a horrible ice storm....every time I fell asleep I was awoken by a large branches etc etc falling down. We lost our electricity but luckily we are one of the lucky ones who got it back. Than our cable went out for a bit this morning but that too is back on. My next door neighbor had a beautiful birch tree out side her house and that is broken in half laying on her front lawn.

The sucky economy has effected Matt. He was laid off last Friday but already has another interview at another plumbing company this Monday so PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep your fingers crossed that he gets it! He is not enjoying staying home he is a worker!

I have been out of work since Tuesday because I re-injured my back and have been dealing with that all week.....taking vicoden to get me through the day which eases some of the pain. I HAD an appt with the chiropractor this morning but due to the storm he closed his office down!! So I am bumming till Monday! I have such a busy weekend ahead of me that my back CAN not be hurting! Saturday I am going to NH with my sister for a flea market with tons of knock offs, Saturday night I have a welcome home party for my sons best friend who just came home from Marines bootcamp, and Sunday I have a Christmas party. UGHHHHHHH no time for a bad back! Luckily today my day consists of home all day in P.J.'s with my hubby who takes care of me!!!!!!

Well happy Shopping...........13 more days!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One down one to go.............

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as I I said before I love Thanksgiving. Spend a day with the family and not have to stress about buying gifts. My mom made everything from the stuffing to the dessert. Retirement is agreeing with her. Everything was delicous!! The only bad part of the day was Chris had to work.....both jobs so I didnt get to see him other than when he left in the morning.
No I did not get up and shop at 4 am or 6 am or 8 am or even 11 am. There is not enough money in the world that would get me to shop and deal with them crazy people just to save a buck. Yes the deals, I am sure, are great but not worth it to me. I spent the day decorating my house for Christmas. My house looks wonderful. There is no better feeling than to relaxin in my house with the nice Christmas lights shining.
I did go out late Firday night to the mall with my sister. Basically to get a new cell phone. I absolutley LOVE LOVE LOVE my new cell phone. Yes its pink!! I have been playing with it ever since. I got a great deal. Now getting up for a deal on a new gadget that is something I WILL DO!! hahahahaha As most of you know there is not much I wouldnt do for electronics! Thats why I have the nickname Gadget Girl. I did end up getting Matt some more things and also a few more gifts off my list. So there is progress made in my shopping list.
I have been out of work since Tuesday so I am not looking forward to going back tomorrow morning....I went out Tuesday night to Toms Tavern with some co-workers and Chris for one of the guys I work with who is leaving. I got pretty drunk really fast, still dont know how that happen!! All I know is I was singing karaoke and there was not a karaoke machine but I used the pool stick!!! hahaha Hey its not often I drink so when I do thats what happens!!!
I have been faithfully going to the gym and it feels REALLLLLLLLY good to be back. Especially with the Holiday season upon us the food will be everywhere!! My back has been a lil sore after doing a machine today I probably should not of done but I will learn from that and do something else....I think my back is always going to be an issue but I can adapt!
My good friend is having surgery tomorrow and if you could all say a lil prayer for her I would appreciate it. I will be thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!! Also my sisters father in law is currently in the hospital battling cancer and having a tough time so he needs many prayers and thoughts!!! Its such a horrible disease!!!
I spent Saturday night with my girlfriends.....we have decided once a month to get together and play games. Last night we played Scattegories and Outburst and MaryBeth won the pot which was $50.00. Matt and Ashley stopped by also and enjoyed making fun of me making ridiculous guesses! hahaha
This coming Friday is my Christmas party for work....which I organize so other than working both jobs most of the week I have this to shop for and finalize!!! So I have a VERY busy week ahead of me! Grrrrrrr Yes I WILL be drinking again Friday night but this time I am staying in Wrentham, so no driving!!! YAY!!
Well I hope you all have a great week I am off to watch Desperate housewives and Brothers and Sisters!!!
GOOD LUCK SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its official.....

Yup it is official the Holidays are here whether you like it or not!!! Grrrrrrrrr Is it me or does Christmas start earlier and earlier every year?? I have found 3 radio stations that are already playing Christmas music. Hellooooooo it is not even Thanksgiving yet!!!!
I am although looking forward to decorating for Xmas....nothing cozier than laying on the couch with my hubby while the Christmas lights shine throughout the house. Also the village that will go in the Bow Window will block the breeze coming in ha ha ha
Things are going great.....working at both jobs still and still awaiting lay offs at work......there was a big tour on Friday from another state facility who is closing and our facility may be getting alot of clients which will save jobs. So thats a good thing. We'll see. I am losing one of my favorite co-workers...this Tuesday is his last day and I will miss him terribly!!!
I have finally decided on what gym to join....what worked best for me was going to World gym with my friend Michele. The buddy sytem is the way to go, if I didnt feel like going she would make me and vice versa. Plus we talk for hours on the cardio equipment!! ha ha Especially with the holidays coming and that means lots of food.
My friend Jessica who makes jewerly which is bought by famous celebritys is coming home to Worcester to have a trunk show at Tush on Friday November 28th from noon-6. Check it out she makes amazing pieces!! Her website is
The weather has been frigid the past few days!! Although other than few flurries there has been no significant snow...THANK GOD!! If I remember we had a few storms prior to Thanksgiving last year.
Well I am catching up on my tv shows from the week which I missed and probably playing on Facebook at the same time because I am addicted so I am off for now!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

I am enjoying a day off with my nephews due to Veterans Day......Thanks to all our veterans for fighting for our Country. Speaking of that Matt's best buddy will be coming home from Marines boot camp in 21 days!! Hopefully he will be able to be home for Christmas before he has to go back to wherever they may send him!!

Here we are already in November....the Holidays are quickly approaching and I am soooo not ready! I love Thanksgiving because it is that one Holiday you can just enjoy being with your family and not stress out about getting everyone gifts! That takes the fun out of the Holidays. When I was little of course Christmas was all about gifts but now its too much of a task.....this year I am focusing on the kids and that's it! My friends and I have decided to get together one night, no gifts, my coworkers have decided to do lunch, no gifts. Our family has a grab for all the adults and we have also decided no gifts this year and we are going to all go out to dinner in January. After all being with the people you love is far more important than opening a gift!

We got past Halloween and there was some cute costumes this year, I dressed up a couple times, same costume. Here are some pictures:

Other than Holidays coming and going.....not much more has been happening. Same shit different day is such a great quote! Oh wait we now have a new president!! ha ha I guess that's kind of big news. It just so happen to be who I voted for but that does not make him the better candidate. We will see. I have my fingers crossed for another stimulus check before Christmas! I also have my fingers crossed that this war ends and Matt friend does not get sent over there!
I happen to love November because of all the days off from work....we get Veterans day off and we get 1/2 day off Wednesday before thanksgiving and then Thursday and Friday!! I took the morning of that Wednesday off so I will be off Wed, Thur and Friday!! Seeing I don't work Fridays at WDC I will get to use a floater Holiday. I have been using my days off to work at Easter Seals. Last week I worked a 7 day week but the money is good and after all like I have said earlier the holidays are fast approaching!
My hubby sprained his ankle pretty bad and was out of work for 2 weeks but he is on the mend now and actually went back to work this Monday.....he still thinks he will be back on the basketball court on Wed but we'll see about that. I may have to threaten his life on that one!
Wednesday night I am going to dinner with Matt's grandmother, both aunts and my friend Sue. Even though Matt's Dad and I are not together anymore I still remain fairly close with his family and I look forward to catching up with them!
I have decided to get back to the gym and right now I am in the process of deciding what to do, where to join!! Due to my back injury I'm not sure going back to Kettle bells is the right choice for me but I will be starting something VERY SOON!!!!!
OK well Matt will be home from work soon and I need to cook up some supper for my hard working son!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Always something.........

Hello my Peeps!!

Busy busy busy!!! Work has been keeping me busy. I have been working 7 day weeks since I got back from Florida. With the "C" word right around the corner the money is well needed. Easter Seals has been offering me tons of hours as the caseload at the nursing home is growing. Plus my 40 hours at WDC. I am just fortunate to have a job with the way things are. So I am not complaining at all. Last week I went to Salem with the girls from work and had a great time. The clients were not on the their best behavior but regardless I loved Salem. Now I want to go back minus the clients to thoroughly enjoy!

I had a pretty busy weekend....worked at the nursing home Fri, Sat and Sun. Friday night after work I went to hang out with my friend Lauren who is going through a rough time right now. But she is one of thee strongest woman I know and she will be fine! Saturday my lil nephew Cameron who plays peewee football got to play on the HOLY CROSS field at half time and it was the cutest thing ever as you can see!!!

Than Saturday night Chris and I went with my sister and her family to the Ecotarium Pumpkin Fest. It was a bit of a disappointment because the previous years it was so much better. As for Sunday, after work I went to the Halloween outlet with my sister and then out to dinner and then to the Emergency room for the night.....Yup Chris's ankle looked like a basketball at the end of his foot. He sprained his ankle pretty bad playing basketball. So he needs to stay off it for two weeks, he is slowly getting better with his crutches. Luckily for him he has about 1500 hours of sick time so now he will FINALLY use some! Good for him he could use the break from work! So I took a couple days off to take care of him like he always does for me!

I will be back to work tomorrow and will be there from 8ish to 9ish for the clients Halloween party! I got a cat set for me...easy to throw on! Done deal! I am looking forward to Halloween I love seeing all the lil ones dressed up when they come trick or treating. We get sooooooo many kids in this neighborhood.

Well I am going to get back to my crippled hubby.....enjoy the rest of your week!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

awaiting my cough medicine to knock me out.....

Well I made it through my 1st week back! Luckily it was a holiday week because I was sick and every day it got worse and worse. Yesterday I was going to go home sick, today I was going to go home sick and it never happen! I stuck it out. WHY??? I have no idea.
It is 1:25am and I just had a cough attack and just took some cough medicine with codeine so while that kicks in I will if this just ends in the middle of the sentence you know it worked!! ha ha
Well the Governor made his budget cut speech yesterday and we found out today at work that he is cutting 3 million from the state facilities. There are 6 of us so that's spread amongst them. Most people are walking around on egg shells, it's a scary thought to think you may be laid off especially in times like we are having now. The holidays are right around the corner as well. My day ended with a phone call from the Assistant Facility Director looking for EDCO's project director (my boss) home phone number because she needed to speak to him TODAY!!! Not a good sign for EDCO!!! YIKES!!! So its going to be a long weekend.......
I am so happy I am not working at my per diem job tomorrow because I just need a day to get better!!!
The RED SOX surprised us all tonight.........I gave up when they were down 7-0 and shut the game off until Chris called me and said it was tied I thought I was going to die!!
So I went to CVS at lunch today and got the People magazine because my friend Jessica was in it........she is jewelry designer on Nantucket who makes her own line of jewelry and it has taken off incredibly with the stars. Some of the customers are Eva Longeria, Brooke Shields, Sara Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, the list goes on forever! I am sooooooooooo proud of her!! You gotta check out her website and click on the media link to see all the media coverage she has gotten..... Best part about her success is when she comes home to Worcester and we all go out she is the same Jessica from high school!! I just ordered her peace sign necklace because she said she couldn't keep them on the shelves and I have wanted it forever!
I am hoping to go to dinner with Simmi tomorrow night or maybe even watch a movie here with some take out so I need to feel better because I miss my girl Michelle!
Oh and Matt cleaned his room tonight ALL ON HIS OWN so that made me feel better right there.
I was just reading my friend Brenda's blog and realized I am not a very good writer!!! ha ha She is much more talented at this than me....but hey I get my point across! ha ha
Well my eyes are getting pretty heavy right now and I believe I am seconds away from LA- LA land soooooooo I'm out!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok I'm sitting here at work (on lunch of course) debating if I should go home or throat is killing me and I can not even touch my neck. My co-workers tell me my glands look swollen BUT I figure seeing I am, already her I mine as well stay. Also I have to work at the nursing home after work and I cant call in there!!!! So maybe I will leave here early and ge tmy job done there faster! Then I can get home sooner and my husband will make me a cup of tea while I lay on the couch!!
I do want to be home to hear the Governers speech at 5pm to see how the state budget cut will effect my job!!!! Buzz has it major layoffs in health care for state employees! For once I am a little concerned! So many rumors running around this place it is pathetic....all we can do is wait and see.
Ok well my husband bought me some fresh fruit and cottage cheese for lunch because that is easy to eat so I am off to his buiolding to go pick it up!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ahhhh home is where you feel your best!!!

Vacation is much as that is usually a bad thing, I'm very happy to be home! I missed Matt like crazy. I have never left him for that long in 18 years so I didn't realize how much I would miss him! He was the first thing I thought of when I woke up and the first thing I thought of when I went to bed! Don't get me wrong I had a great time in Florida but was ready to come home after the two weeks there! We basically sat by the pool every day....we did flea markets...Chris and I did the gym.....Universals Halloween Horror nights.......City Walk......Cheered on the Red Sox......Karaoke!!! It was a good time! I wish I could keep my tan forever!!
My sister was supposed to pick me up at the Logan Express but Matt and Ashley surprised me. I was soooooo happy to see him and I even got a big hug lifting me off the ground!! He missed his Mom too!!!
Luckily I don't have to go right back to work. Monday is a holiday so I am off until Tuesday morning. Poor Chris had to go right back to work Sunday morning.
Yesterday when we got home I was soooooo exhausted seeing I went to bed at 2am and had to be up and out heading to the airport for 7 am. So I got home, unpacked and slept in MY BED from 4pm to 8pm. Which is why I could not fall back to sleep until 4am! So my sleep is all screwed up!
I finally accepted that the summer is I put away all my summer clothes and took out the winter/fall clothes. I am OK with the fall but hate the winter!
Matt and Ashley went to the apple orchid today and came home with close to 9000000 apples! So I made a apple crisp and plan on making more tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am babysitting for Cameron and Gianni......seeing everyone else has to work. So they will be my helpers in the kitchen.
I am proud to say that I have bought 3 Christmas presents so far......I am in search for one big one for Matt and can not find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I get that I will feel totally accomplished.
Ok well I am off to watch Brother and Sisters...I have alot of my shows DVR'ed from vacation and lots to catch up on!!!
Adios xoxox

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vacationing on Florida.....

Hello Everyone..........

Yup I am still in Florida!! One week down and one to go! The weather has been amazing. Some afternoon clouds here and there but no rain. Although I think it did rain ONE night while we were sleeping, which is fine with me!
The days are consisting of waking up going to the gym with Chris....then in between the pool and the hot tub all day. To some of you that may seem very boring but not I!!!! I came here for rest and relaxation!! Not to spend hundreds of dollars shopping. Yes I am my fathers daughter! ha ha Sorry Mom!
Every night we can see the fireworks at Disney from our balcony. Which are so pretty, they even have some that look like Mickey Mouse! I can't imagine the money they spend on the fireworks to have them every night. Although they do charge a small fortune to get into every single park. Then once your in OH MY GOD if you want a bottle of water its insane!!! Which is why we are not doing any parks this year. Although we are going to Universal Studios Thursday night for the Halloween Horror Nights. So excited for that yet scared at the same time because we have gone 2 other times and it is sooooooo scary!!
We rented a cabana for Saturday and Sunday......Heidi and Marc are not sun worshipers like Chris and I so they sit in the cabana as we lay on the outside of it. The Cabanas include a refrigerator full of drinks, newspaper, lounge chairs,fruit, snacks, TV, and tubes for the lazy river. So tomorrow we head back to our Cabana.
Other than missing my son like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to get away for two weeks in a row. I made Ashley send me a picture message of Matt today because I miss seeing his face!!!
I took pictures of course and will upload them eventually.....when you come here annually like we do there is only so many things you can or want to take pictures of!
We went to dinner tonight and I ate WAYYYYYYY too much so I am off to bed so I can get the gym before we head to the pool....and most of you know Kelly does not want to miss much sun light!!! ha hahaha
Nighty Night peeps!!!
Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ahhhhhhh finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

How do you spell relief??? Well I spell it F-L-O-R-I-D-A. Yes and that's exactly where I am. Spending my time relaxin!!! Our flight left on time Saturday afternoon and my luggage arrived full of my stuff so we are ahead of the game. Now lets just hope it all makes it home with me too!
When Chris and I sat down in our seats our TVs were not working (which is the MAIN reason I fly Jet Blue) so I pulled a "Cookie" as Chris says. (not everyone with understand that ha ha) I complained and there resolution was to move us , yes SPLIT us up which I was not happy about because I like to sit with my husband. Although it ended up turning out wonderful because the whole back row opened up and Chris and I had the whole row to ourselves. I even got to lay down on his lap and snooze a little bit. It was a wonderful flight!
We spent our time here yesterday settling in...unpacking, food shopping etc etc. I even went to bed early and did not, for once, have to wake up to an alarm! Although I woke up early anyways!
Today's weather was sooooooooo hot. It was about 87 and very sunny! I spent from 11 to 3 in the sun. And that's taking it slow because I am here for two weeks.
Chris is out golfing while the rest of us showered and are watching TV. I am currently trying to get rid of a freakin headache! But a headache in Florida is better than feeling good at work!!! ha ha
We are probably going to go to Downtown Disney tomorrow night. Tonight we will be playing some cards and making drinks! After all this vacation is all about R&R!!!!
I have only been here for one day and I miss my Matt!!! :((

That's it for now......I will be writing again soon!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Completely freaked out............

Today I got some shocking if the news itself is not disturbing enough the events leading up to me finding out just simply freaks the hell out of me!!

Ok so this story is gonna give you the goosebumps........One of my per diem jobs was working at a adolescent pysch unit. I got close with this one girl who was a patient. Even though in the medical field it is not ethical to get close to your patients, although personally unless you are not human your gonna get attached to a certain few. Well we will call her JANE for privacy reasons. She was bulimic/cutter/suicidal. She was d/c'ed and doing "better" She kept in contact with me via myspace or email. She updated me on how she is doing about twice a month. Well this past Saturday "for some odd reason" out of the blue I thought of her and said I haven't heard from her I should email her, which I never did because I just simply never got around to it. Today when I was sitting at my desk again out of the blue I thought of her so I went to her myspace and realized on SATURDAY SEP 6...THE SAME DAY I THOUGHT OF HER FOR NO REASON.....she committed suicide!!!!!!!!!! Her wake was tonight, HORRIBLE! I am like freaked out by this!!!!!!!!!! Now her myspace is full of RIP comments!! How crazy is that story?!?!?! Makes ya think about putting things off.....there was a reason I thought of her out of the blue. Would she have gotten my email before she did this??? Who knows but I should have written to her when I thought of it.

A clear example of never knowing what tomorrow will bring so don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!

"Today Is A Gift That's Why They Call It The Present"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I did it..........

Yup I made it through a 65 hour work week!! It was not easy and I was mucho tired but I did it! And here we are on Saturday night and I have one more day before I start it all over again....I have not gotten my complete schedule from Easter Seals but I know I am working there after WDC on Monday. So off to WDC from 6:30-4:45 and then off to the nursing home for a couple hours! Woo-Hoo racking in them hours! Nice paycheck coming my way before Florida! SWEET!!
Hopefully I can walk by than.....Yes I injured myself tonight. Well you have all heard your parents say "Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt?" Well that's how it went tonight. We were all at my brothers house tonight and Matt and I were play fighting. Well when you play fight with someone who is 6 feet 3 tall its not going to end well for ya! My feet came out from underneath me and I landed hard on my tail bone and my arm on my brothers hard floor. So I came right home because I was in alot of pain and kind of worried about my back. My arm is all bruised and my tailbone is not good!!! It hurts pretty bad. I applied ice and took two pain killers and I am pretty nervous that tomorrow morning will be worse! Keep ya fingers crossed!
Today was a good day up until that point.......about 30 of us went tailgating at the Holy Cross/Umass game. My niece Brianna's boyfriend Emil plays for Umass and we were his cheering section. Luckily the rain held out for us and they game was a great one. And Umass won by a field goal!
My hubby came home from the Cape on Friday which made my weekend!!! I hate when he goes on these trips for work. But its such a great opportunity how can he pass it up??? Staying and eating on the Cape for a week for free?? Plus he gets shit load of comp time! I miss him like crazy when he goes!!
I got some pretty shitty news this week also.....a great example how fast life can turn. A friend of mine from work had a head injury and ended up with a inner cranial bleed. Difficulty walking, talking and she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. So keep her in your thoughts. I know she has been in mine ever since I heard about it! GET BETTER SOON MORGAN!!!!!!
Well as I write this we are getting the remnants of hurricane Hannah and the wind is insane and the rain is coming down sideways. I spoke with my friend Maggie who know lives in Alabama and she had her evacuation bag packed but did not have to go. Her house is fine with exception but her family in Louisiana had some issues. Nothing major thank God!
Well I am going to take my injured back (once again) to bed and get some well needed rest!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NO idea......

OK so every time I write in this journal people send me emails commenting on it. Let me tell you I have no idea how that happens?? I have no idea who even reads this blog? I have no idea if I pressed a button that emails this to people? So if you get a notification every time I write in this send me an email and let me know who is reading my blog. Personally I don't mind but I am just curious. Plus I wanna make sure I never talk about ya! ha ha I'm kidding!!!! I think........

Well another week FLYING by......I had a 4 day weekend from WDC but not from Easter Seals. I worked 7 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Sunday. This week I am working at Easter Seals Wed, Thurs and 8 hours on Friday, which is my day off from WDC. But the money is well needed for my upcoming trip to Florida for two weeks. All in all this week I am working 65 hours! YIKES! Hey like everyone tells me do it while your young! My husband is at the Cape this week with the clients so on top of that schedule I actually need to think about supper for Matt and me. UGH!! My parents bailed me out last night THANK GOD and my parents ha ha!!

You would think for my lunch break today I would relax but NOOOOOOOO I started exercising again (with hopes my back does not fight this idea) Yesterday I walked a couple miles and today for the one hour off I have in the 12 hour work day I chose to do laps in the pool at work for 45 minutes. Oh boy did that feel good! We'll see how it feels tomorrow!

So I have to tell you all for the first time in years and years and years I went to the St Anthony feast in the North End and oh boy was it FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! Brenda and Linda invited me and we went Friday night. Great time, great food with great friends!! Can't beat that!

I am missing my husband so much which is another reason I want the week to end. It sucks when he does these trips. And no not because I dont have him to much as I enjoy his cooking its just having him here that is so much more important!!!!

Matt and I had a movie night tonight...which is always nice....we wathced What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It was pretty good, definetly a chick flick!! Thanks Matt!!!

I have made a promise to myself to be in bed by 10 pm, some of you may think that's not early but compared to when I used to go to bed it is!! Here it is 10:14 and I'm already in bed. When I finish this blog its lights they go!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home sweet home..........

Most of you who really know me know there is no other place in the world that I love more than the beach!! When I was in high school my nickname was "The Bronze Queen" because I was always so tan in the summertime. Some how I never outgrew the love for the beach and I was lucky enough to marry someone who loves the beach just the same as me. Therefore when we go we can literally stay there ALL DAY long!!
Thanks my good friend Megan we had a house all to our self this week on the Cape. Went down early Friday AM and spent all Friday on the beach and then went to dinner and hung out with my brother and sister in law who have a beautiful trailer up the street. Woke up Saturday AM went back to the beach ALL DAY and met my brother and sister in law for dinner at the Outback. Me and brother drank the best frozen drinks I have ever tasted and then we had another and another and another!!! mmmnnnnnnn were they good!! If your ever at the Outback try the frozen strawberry/kiwi lemonade. Sunday morning Chris woke up early and went right into work and my brother picked me up when I woke up and.....yup you guessed it back to the beach I went for the day with my brother and sister in law! The weather was beyond beautiful all 3 days!! The weekend just don't get better than that!! I even invited Matt to come down but he choose to go see Ashley at Mt Ida now that she is at college.
Tonight we had cake and pizza for my sisters birthday....which is really tomorrow......she will be 38 which means two more years till the big 4-0. Talks of a cruise may be in the works!! Sounds good to me!! Went on a cruise last year for my cousins 40Th and I would love to share the cruise experience with my husband!!
I can't believe I leave in like 4 weeks for Florida!!! Two weeks this year! I tried getting Matt, once again to join us but he won't take the time off from work. I will miss him being gone for two weeks! Although he will love it I'm sure! House to himself for two weeks! I can't even imagine what my house will look like when I get home. I only went to the Cape for 3 days this weekend and the house was a mess! Grrrrrr
Well just a quick update for ya all....I have to finish up some laundry and get ready to go back to the reality early in the morning!
Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I made it...........

Well its 2 days into my first 4 day week and today was my very first 11 hour day. It went by soooooooo fast! I looked at the clock for the first time at 4 pm. It was wonderful. Of course there was a party all day but I was still at work! he he Yes I get paid to go to parties! Its a tough job but someones gotta do it. Monday I went on a boat cruise down the Cape Cod Canal and sat in the sun for three hours and today a party. Wonderful!
I feel pretty blessed to be one of them people who LOVE my job. I honestly love it. The whole waking up early thing is not cool but once I am up I'm good. I work with some of my bestest friends and spending time with them is great! Getting paid to be with some of the most important people in my life.
I got home tonight around 7:30 and made Matt and I supper.....Chris works at the group home on Tuesdays and Thursdays so two days out of the week we are on our own in the kitchen. My parents pick up some of my slack from time to time knowing the kitchen is not one of my specialties. They don't want their grandson to starve!! ha ha
I was also told today at work by one of my co-workers that they thought I was 24 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I showed them a picture of my son and she was shocked I had a 18 year old! Yes she is my newest best friend!!! ha ha
Poor Matt started penicillin tonight for his sore throat........been fighting it for 5 days now and finally gave in and went to the Dr. Why is it no matter how old your children get you still would rather you have the pain than them!? I guess you don't outgrow that. Poor thing grimaces every time he swallows.
Chris enjoyed a nice day off with his golf buddy Ron. They golfed 18 holes with another friend. Chris is one of them staff who have almost 2000 hours of sick time and has FINALLY realized what does the state do for me??? So he SAYS he is going to start taking time off!! We'll see! I hope so he needs it!
My favorite show (well one of them) Big Brother is coming on soon so now that I worked my complete day and fed my son and got into my PJ's the couch and my tiger skin blanket are calling my name!!!!!!!!
Goodnight peeps!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hmmmm lets see......

Honestly I really try to write in this so much more than I do but for some reason it slips my mind. No I can't even say that I don't have the time (although that sounds better) I have a job where I can get on the computer and I do much more often than I should......sorry if my boss reads this......and the first thing I do when I get home is get on my lap top. I spend wayyyyy to much time on Myspace and now Facebook so nope I got no excuse! Not gonna lie to ya!
The summer is almost over...I cant believe it. My annual Hampton Beach vacation was awesome.....we had incredible weather. The only bad thing is my husband had to leave on Wednesday due to not getting the whole week off. The man has 21 years in the system and still cant get a week off. Grrrrrrrrrr. I love the beach more than anyone I know so as long as the sun is out I have a great vacation. This year I even took a break from the beach to go to the outlets in Kittery Maine. Only because Matt and Ashley wanted to do some shopping.
Work has been of my buildings is closing due to consolidation and the poor clients are being scattered throughout grounds. Hopefully in the end it will all work out. EDCO got rid of one therapists position and rumors are there will be 25 layoffs in the next month. My job is safe ( I think) but I do feel bad for those people who are walking on egg shells. I have been going on lots of trips with the R.T.'s due to summer vacations (Oh wait can I call them vacation days ha ha) Its great to get off grounds...I have been kayaking, on duck tours, North End, Hyannis cruise, Castle Island, pool party (which was rained out and became a pizza party under a tent) and more to come. Cant beat that!! I do have to say my favorite was the North End, despite the crazy road rage dude!
Matt has been doing great since graduation......working 40+ hours working towards getting his plumbing license. He finally got his apprentice card. his boss loves him and his work ethic so its all good!! He knew what to do and what not to do thanks to my brother and dad who are/were both in the field. He took a week off and him and Ashley came to Hampton with us, which was nice! Ashley leaves Next Friday for college in Boston so I'm hoping my son is not miserable all week without her. We'll see. I'm sure he will be spending his weekends in Boston or her here.
I have not been getting much per diem hours which sucks!!! Once I get the hours I get spoiled with the money and then miss them when they don't call.
I have to mention if ANY OF YOU ever get a chance ya gotta go see "The Girls Night Out Musical" ya gotta go see it! It was thee finniest, best musical ever!!! I went with my sister, Michele, Sandy, and Jessica and we laughed our asses off. My Mom went with her red hatter friends and they all loved it too! No my crew DID NOT wear red hats! ha ha
Our annual St Rocco family reunion was held last week at my sisters house. The two of us organize this event (although my sister does way mor than me) and it was huge success. We had only a few who did not attend. Even had a couple travel in from Florida which is always nice. We had a musician, moonwalk for the kids (and some adults MOM!!), tie dying, water balloon toss, lots of great food/dessert etc. etc. This was the 68th year this event has been held!! Check out our family website which is run by yours truly!!
Starting next week I am now doing 4 day weeks!! I will be doing two 9 hour days and two 11 hour days. Which will leave me with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Chris has Friday/Saturday off so we will now both be off together. Which will be a first for us so that in itself is exciting. We will be like normal couples sharing a whole weekend together! So with us driving into work together on Mondays and me NOT driving in on Fridays I should save in gas money as well as tolls!
So overall LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Roller coaster times..............

The title of this entry best describes how things have been......I have been living on an emotional roller coaster!!
On June 2nd Matthew graduated from high school, which is by far one of the happiest and proud moments of my entire life!! I was proud of myself because I thought I would cry through the whole thing but I was good. I teared up when I initially seen him walk in as they played Pomp and Circumstances and I teared up at the very end when they announced the Class of 2008. Hey I deserve to be teary and proud!! Its an honor to have raised a son like Matt. He has grown into a amazing young man and has made incredible choices throughout. It helps to have such great family support behind you and Matt is a good man today not only because of my parenting but my family as well. So Congrats Matt!!!!!!!!!!
He turned 18 on June 5th and now working for a plumbing company doing his apprenticeship. He is working 7:30-4:00 every day. When the plumber does not have any hours for him, which has not happen yet, he is doing roofing with his Uncle John. Needless to say he quit Stop and Shop.
On the 7th of June was one of my very best friend Simmi's bachelorette party, which began at my house for some pre-game festivities and ended at Fenway Park for the Red Sox game. We made pit stops at Cask-n-Flagon and then Who's on First also. It was about 100 degrees the day we went but it was a great time and the wedding is this Sunday.
I have finally started to pick up per diem hours at Easter Seals, not as many as I wish but its a start. Hopefully the caseload will pick up and they will start calling me on a more consistent basis.
I am still going to P.T. for my back and although it is much better than when it initially happen it still sucks and I still have my good days and bad days.....still gets really uncomfortable to sit in a meeting at work or lifting anything....but I am dealing.
Well most of you know I have lost 3 Aunts in a lil over a year, well this Tuesday I lost another. Although she was not just another Aunt she was the best!!! Auntie Annie was one of them Aunts you could not get enough of. She swore like a truck driver and farted like a man. You may all think that's not very nice but that was Auntie Annie and oh boy was she amazing!!! There was not a time I spent with her that I didn't laugh. I can not even put into words how much I will miss her.
And the roller coaster continues..........the same night Auntie Annie died the Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about one extreme to the other. My husband said it best Red Auerbach needed someone to dance and celebrate with and there is no better person than Auntie Annie!!!!!
I came home today from the funeral and slept from 1-4. I was completely drained and needed some rest. It has been such an up and down few weeks I felt like I hit a brick wall today! Things will get better day by day and knowing my Aunt she would not want us all moping around actually she would probably say to us "stop ya fucking crying and moping" so that's what I intend to do.
No better way to cheer up but a wedding........So I will end this with sending a HUGE CONGRATS to Simmi and Rich on there upcoming nuptials this Sunday. Can't wait!! Love you guys!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its almost that time!!!!!!!!

Wow time flies when your having fun! I missed a whole month of blogging.

Where should I begin??? Well I went back to work on May 20th. Just on light duty but it is a start. It feels so good to be back. Everyone was sooooooo nice while I was out, to all of you, and you know who you are, Thanks for everything you were all really the best medicine. I came back to work to flowers and balloons on my desk. I'm still going to PT twice a week and I do feel better although not even close to 100%.

Matt has been to two proms......his and Ashleys. They looked amazing for both proms as most of you seen seeing I am a picture freak and send out millions of pictures!

MORE GOOD NEWS..........I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!! Tough part of that was trading in my convertible. I bought a Nissan Altima and I absolutley love it!!!

A very close Aunt of mine who I love dearly suffered a stroke on Tuesday......she is a fighter and is hanging in there.....although the family sees progress the Drs are not very optimistic. She will prove them wrong she is quit the fiesty Italian woman! The stroke was on her left side which controls your language ability so unfortunatly she can not vocalize to us. So if eveyone who reads this could say a prayer for her it would be greatly appreciated!!

It is graduation season and other than Matt congrats to my cousin Jessica for graduating from nursing school, my cousin Ashley for graduating from Worcester State, Matts g/f Ashley graduated from Holy Name.

Which leads me to MATTS GRADUATION which is tomorrow night and I couldnt be any prouder of the man he has become! He is going right to work after his graduation from Worcester Tech. He is working as an apprentice for a plumber and also doing roofing with his Uncle John. He is a man on a mission who wants to make money! All the power to him. He has a good head on his shoulders and he will do great at whatever path he chooses!

So tomorrow night about 6pm you can think of me probably with many tears rolling down my eyes and overwhelmed with joy!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Night hawk is here........

When Matt was little everyone told me how important it is too keep him on a schedule. Well now I am realizing first hand why a schedule is so all know I have been out of work since March 20 and I have NO more schedule. I am up to all hours in the night and I sleep till late morning....I'm going to be soooooo messed up when my Dr. finally lets me go back to work!! You would think now that I have realized I would start getting to bed at a reasonable hour....NOPE...Kelly decides to write in a journal and tell everyone how messed up she is! DUH!!

I found out last week one of my residents collapsed and died...he was the last person anyone expected. One of my co-workers actually found him and she did CPR but it was not successful. She is doing much better as she was very upset, as expected, after it happen. He will be missed!!! I also found out one of my buildings is closing......part of the consolidation of the facility. So thats what I am missing at work!!

I certainly had a great weekend!! Friday my sister and sister in law and I went to pick up my neice at college.....we scooped her up and went shopping at the Holyoke Mall. My Hubby gave me some cashola to do some shopping and that is what I did indeed! That mall is amazing.......up until around 2 O'clock despite the pain pills my back was killing me to the point where I was laying on the wooden bench in the dressing room while my sister was trying on clothes! Laying on a hard surface feels good when my back hurts!! So we all left at that point.....I did feel bad ending everyones day so abruptly but if I didnt we would have never fit all the bags in the SUV ha ha

So I have been looking forward to this past Saturday night which was Micheles bridal shower and what happens to Kelly on Friday night???? I burnt my face!!! I have a dime size burn right on my cheek, the one night in weeks that I have somewhere to go I have this horrible looking burn on my face!! These things ONLY happen to me!! Anyways about the was not your ordinary sit around and eat and watch her open presents shower. I mean she did do all that but her brother D.J.'d and we had a great time!! Its always nice when all of us girls get together. We all sat at the bar and chatted and laughed all night and then I took pics while some of the girls danced. Good times!!!

Weekend ended with a lil cookout at my house....Chris cooked on the grill for us, my sisters family, Matts girlfriend Ashley and his buddy Foley. Lots of good food and then my parents came for dessert....nice ending to a nice weekend!

Although seeing another work week begins WITHOUT me I guess there is no weekend/weekday to me just yet! So I will continue my PT and go back to the Dr on May 9th and hope I can go back to work on May 12th even if it is light duty!

Matt goes back to school tomorrow........he has until the end of May and then he is all done with high school!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

Well now its off to watch some more senseless tv and I hope you all have a good work week wihtout me!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should be sleeping..............

I lay here on the couch at 1:23 am and earlier tonight around 10pm I promised my husband I would not be long and will come to bed soon! Ya that didn't happen. Since I have been out of work I have been becoming nocturnal. I am addicted to the reality show Big Brother and they have a live feed from midnight to 3am and stupid Kelly is addicted to this show. So when I should be cuddling next to my husband as I promised I am sitting here on the couch watching this senseless show!

Well my house remodeling is like 75% done. Walls are painted, kitchen border is up (thanks to my mom and sister), curtains up (thanks to mom), my cousin is in the process of painting the awnings which will be in my kitchen, there are still some odds and ends but overall it looks great and I love it!

Its school vacation and Matt is finally getting some time to relax. He goes from school to work 3 days out of the school week and then works Sat and Sun also. So its nice for him to get some R&R. So when he goes back to school he will only have 4 more weeks of school! CRAZY!!!!!! He got his report card this Friday and got all A's and B's. So proud of him!!!

I went for my PT evaluation last week and got some shitty news...I was hoping to go back to work this week BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO every thing he asked me to do killed my back and I couldn't even fake it. He told me he needs to work on pain management before he can even strengthen my back. Asked if I could go back to work and he said "Absolutely!! But you bend over to transfer a client or even bend over wrong to pick up a pen and you will be back here for therapy after surgery" Than he went on and on about how you have one body and you need to listen to it and let it heal! YADDA YADDA YADDA! Thing is I know he is 100% correct but I still wanna go back to work, I miss all my friends!!

I did get some visitors from work this past weekend which was nice...Chris cooked on the grill for everyone, which was also nice. We made a little cookout out of it. I also received a nice Edible Arrangement from my co-workers which was full of chocolate covered strawberries. So I am a lucky person! I am going to miss my supervisors bridal shower at work this week but she will understand. I have PT Wed am at 9 and her shower is at 8:30 which is half hour away so it just was not going to work. Cant put off PT cuz its helping me get back to work!!

I was dog-sitting since Friday for lil Diamond and I brought him home tonight, which is always sad to see her go. She is thee cutest lil pup in the world!! Love her! I also had my two nephews sleep over last night seeing my sister and her hubby had to work today and obviously I didn't. So it was twice as nice to have them too. My God son Evan is 12 yrs old and is showing signs of being a teenager already so to my sister I have 3 words GOOD FREAKIN LUCK!! ha ha They were both great and I love having them here!!!

My per diem job has probably replaced me by now!! Luckily I get mail and calls weekly for new ones. I can not wait to get back to a regular work week!

I started walking this weekend like my PT recommended.......well it started out a lil difficult. My first walk ended up being 3 miles and because of my back supposedly I am walking differently because I woke up the following day and my right knee was KILLING me. I kept getting shooting pains in it. Good thing about that is my knee hurt so bad my back felt better. So like usual I took it too fast......I have continued to walk just took it down a notch.

This Saturday night is one of my favorite person in the whole worlds bridal shower. Miss Michelle Simmarano!!! Lots of the girls from high school will all be there. I can not wait!!! Due to the fact I am still on vicodens I will not be drinking but I still will have the best time!!! So that's something to look forward to.

On Friday I am going out to Umass Amherst with my sister and sister in law to pick up my niece Brianna and her roommate. We are taking a big SUV so I can lay down in the back seeing I wont be able to sit that long with my back.

So I have alot to look forward to this weekend!!!

Man I really should get to bed at a reasonable time...................

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hit me like a brick wall!!!

I have been so good this whole time while planning my sons graduation party. Let me tell you about my sister in law last year......while she was planning my niece Brianna's graduation party or even thinking of it she would cry uncontrollably. My brother actually thought she needed professional help because she was having such a hard time with her graduating. Well the whole family, including myself made fun of her. Well as most of you know I have been planning Matt's graduation party and recently began purchasing things. Well today I bought a CD that was full of graduation related songs. Today I started scanning over 150 pictures of him to make a slide show. Well I needed a break from scanning so I decided to listen to the CD I bought. I laid down on the couch to give my back a break from sitting so long put in the CD and as Pomp and Circumstance came on I glanced over at Matt's Sr picture portfolio on my mantle and I completely lost it! CRIED MY FRIGGEN EYES OUT!!!! Yes it hit my like a ton of bricks!! My Baby is graduating!!! That is like WOOOOooooooooo

I made his invitation which is soooooo cute there is a pic of him as a baby holding a football and there is a Sr pic of him in his football jersey. I searched the Internet for graduatiom quotes/sayings to put on the invitation and decided to write my own little blurb. Here is what I wrote

Seems like yesterday he was just my little guy
It all seemed to pass in a blink of an eye
I couldn't be prouder of the man he's become
Please join me to celebrate and have some fun!!!
Short and sweet and to the point!! Came from my heart so it is better than anything I could find on the Internet!!
I'm still out of work, although just over this past weekend I have started feeling much better! I start PT this Tuesday and hopefully will be back to work next week! I miss everything about work!!
The house remodeling has been moving right along.........all the wallpaper has been torn down. The walls have new joint compound on them and all sanded and ready for the painters who are coming in this week. I went to Linen and Things and purchased some cute decor. My Mom made the curtains for the bow window. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!! It is going to look so pretty!!
I got my hair done and I no longer have any blond in my hair. I also now have bangs. Yup I needed a change and I love it tons!!
I went to dinner on Saturday night with Simmi and Lauren and we had some champagne with pomegranate juice with frozen strawberries in it. It was soooooooooooooo yummy! Although seeing I am still taking vicodens for my back I didn't have much. I was very responsible!
I wish everyone a good week!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A whole lotta nuttin............

Yup thats what I have been doing since my last entry!! "A whole lotta nuttin"

I have remained out of work since March 20th and I am going stir crazy. My back is still not good at all!!! I am now scheduled for an MRI this Sunday at 2. My Dr. thinks I have a disc pressing on my sciatic nerve, which some how is effecting my bladder, which is why I need to pee 100 times a day! Funny how everything is connected in there!! I am getting so frustrated and bored. I miss exercising and my friends at work!!!! Luckily my husband has taken some time off to keep me company. He goes back to work on Sunday :(

My house is now officially in the middle of being remodeled. Due to my back I have not been able to do much to help although I have been taking the pictures. It took forever to peel the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen as it was applied with two layers of paste!! We used a steamer, DIF wallpaper remover, scorer etc etc and it was a bitch!! It took my Mom, Chris, and my sister 4 hours on one wall!! Then the next day my Mom, Chris and my moms best friend Sandy finished the rest of the room and it took them all day! the walls need to be touched up and then the painters are coming in on Monday/Tuesday. My cousin is going to start on the awnings for the slider and window and my Mom has started the cafe curtains. So basically MY house is being remodeled and I am not doing any of it besides handing over the credit card.

Tomorrow is Chris and I's 4th wedding anniversary!!! 4 years have flown by. I still love him today as much as I did on my wedding day. He still makes me smile when he enters the room. He still brings me flowers for no reason at all. He is there for me whenever I need him and even when I dont realize I do. He is cooking me my favorite meal (bow tie pasta with spinach and sausage) for our anniversary. I look forward to many more years together as his wife!!!!!

I am sitting in a room fulled with flowers from all the caring people in my life who have given me flowers to cheer me up!! My son and husbands flowers are right here next to me making me smile every day!

I have an appt to get my hair done this Saturday. I called my hair dresser who is one of my bestest friends to see if she could do my hair and let me stand because sitting is thee worst position and very painful. So I am gonna load up on pain killers and she said I can take lots of breaks and walk if I need to!! Thank God because I need to get something done to make me feel better!! I am getting rid of the blonde highlights and going back to my dark hair!! Cant wait!!

I think I am becoming nocturnal ( ? spelling) I am up all night long and sleep from 5am to noon!! Its gonna be fun breaking that routine to go back to work!!

Well good night everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I did it!! I gave in!! I am remodeling my kitchen, living room and foyer before Matt's graduation party. I have been contemplating it for a few months now and my cousin Debbie who is a interior designer came up with some ideas and it is now going to happen. I went today to buy the fabric for the curtains and all the paint, bought some accents, picked out a new light fixture, got the border...basically got everything I need to start and almost finish! My Mom is amazing with fabric and is making curtains. My kitchen is going to be like an old Italian Cafe. Very Tuscany looking. I am going to take before and after pics and you can see them on my myspace!!! (again the link is on the left)

My back is still horrible!! I have been on pain meds now for about a week. Tried to not take them on my birthday but the back started killing again so back on them I went. I have been getting out of the house but it hurts to walk for more than an hour and the sitting in the car sucks big time. I am still out of work and have to go back to the Dr on Monday and make plans for physical therapy. I miss work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great gerbera daisy arrangement from Chris and Matt came home with a huge yellow bouquet of flowers it was soooo pretty! So my house is full of pretty flowers.

I miss exercising and feel like I weigh 90000 pounds now but getting my back better is my number one priority right now.. Because being in the medical field I know if you don't take care of your back your screwed for life! Not going down that road.

So tomorrow my Mom who i also call the decorating Nazi is going to start ripping down wallpaper. Maybe its a good thing my back is injured. Chris is out of work now until next Sunday and he is going to the Cape for a couple days to golf and I am sure my mom will have this house down in 48 hours ha ha!! I make fun of them but I am lucky I have her and my cousin Debbie and my brother in law who will be crucial in this remodeling!!

Ok well back to the couch tonight to sleep...I tried to sleep in my water bed last night and it hurt my back too bad cuz its a full motion water bed with NO SUPPORT. So that's not good. I am off to watch big brother after dark cuz I'm addicted!!

Sweat Dreams people!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Without sounding as pathetic as Nancy Kerrigan did when she was crying out WHY MEEEE??? I have to ask the same question. First I get the horrible flu and I am out of work for a week and now just a month or so later I hurt my back. I have heard lots of people in my lifetime complain of a bad back and I now sympathize with them because a bad back is not a good feeling at all!!!

I cant put on my socks/shoes/pants, to sneeze or cough kills, standing up straight after laying down is a task, laying down after standing up for awhile is also a task. My back has been injured since Thursday and here I am 5 days later and the pain is killing me! I went to the Dr. Monday who gave me SOMA (muscle relaxers) and Vicoden (pain med). They two of them are knocking me out on my ass! This morning I actually felt a lil better so I stopped the pain med, well as of late this afternoon I am in tons of pain once again! So back to LaLa land I go. I hate being out of work this long unless of course I am on vacation at the beach but this just sucks!!!

Well luckily I have people in my life to keep me going...My husband took some time off and is taking good care of me, My parents are helping out tons, even Matt is being great when he is home ha ha. A friend from work sent me a nice get well gift today as well as a birthday gift. My friends from work are all calling/messaging asking how I am. Thank you everyone!

Yup tomorrow is my birthday and looks like I will miss my birthday lunch!!! Chris gave me such an amazing card today it was completely perfect and made me cry my eyes out!! It was thee nicest card he ever got me. Then I get an email from my AMAZING friend Brenda who wrote me a poem, which again made me cry, because I realize what a lucky woman I am!! I love you guys!!!

I am watching the Celtics game right now with Chris, Matt is there with his Dad and I just seen him on TV. I'm glad he is there enjoying himself. He keeps texting me telling me what a great time he is having and how awesome it is to be there!!

Despite the fact i could not sit at the dinner table with my family for Easter dinner due to my back I had a nice holiday. Its always nice to get together with family!!

Needless to say I miss my kettlebell workouts....but God knows I am sooooo not ready for that! Going to have to get back to that ASAP as well as a crash diet seeing all I have been doing is eating!!! I went to the mall with Chris to walk around and had to come home cuz my back starting killing!! So will try again...maybe Christmas Tree Shop this time! ha ha

OK well I feel my eyes collapsing so I think the meds are kicking before I start typing gibberish I will say goodbye for now!

Again thank you for everyone in my life who is making me feel better!!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where does the time go????

Oh My goodness so much for being consistent in here!! Where does the time go?? I can't even believe I haven't written since March 6th. Anywayssssssss.....

I sure can tell you I have been crazy busy!! As well as my 40 hours at WDC I have been doing tons of hours at Easter Seals to make some well needed money!! These damn bills are not gonna pay themselves! I have mostly been doing Friday afternoons and Saturdays, although this week I did a few hours Wednesday when I got out of Wrentham.

On the 12th I was a very happy, proud, excited, etc etc Mom!!! Matt had his basketball banquet and he received the Coaches Award. For those of you not familar with sports that is like thee best award a parent could wish for. Its the award the coaches decide on! The coach said lots of nice things about Matt. Of course I had to fight back the tears to spare Matt the embarressment! SO DAMN PROUD OF THAT BOY!!!! He is really maturing into a great young man!!

So I went on a trip with some clients from work. We went bowling and had some dinner. Get ready to laugh......yes I came in VERY LAST place, including the clients, one who actually bowls backwards. Yes I tried, No I did not let them win, Yes I SUCK!!! ha ha

Well despite the long hours I have been working I have been pretty failthful with the kettlebell workouts......Well that is up until last night! my back was bothering me off and on for awhile BUT Kelly is stubborn and ignores it. Well last night I was doing my kettlebell workout and my back just let go. Today it was really bad, took me forever to get out of bed and tonight its probably the worse back pain I have ever fealt! I have been icing it, heating it, taking muscle relaxers and even a vicoden, NOTHING is helping!! I am goin to call my Dr first thing in the morning because I can not take another day of this! I sneezed tonight and it hurt like hell. The drive in my car brought me to tears it hurt so bad!!

My buddy Tim turned the big 4-0 on the 15th!!! We had a lil suprise party for him! He is such a good guy, he deserved it!!

NEXT BIRTHDAY IS MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY!!! ha ha I am turning the big 3-5 on Thursday the 27th! ha ha Does that mean I need to get a mammogram now???

St Pattys Day came and big thing for me this year. I did watch the Worcester parade on Tv! WooHoo Im getting old! ha ha Matt and his friend Ashley went into Boston to see the parade last weekend he said it was insanely busy and had fun! Glad someone has a life!

I just seen that the Big Apple circus is coming soon and that excites me!! ha ah What is happening to me???

Nice to see others writing blogs we got Diane into it!! ha ha Unit One at WDC is taking over myspace!!!

Well its gonna take a act of God to get me from this couch to my bed so I am going to start the venture now!!!

If I dont write again..... HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stressful times make us stronger.......

So lets just say that the expression raising a teenager is like nailing jello to the wall is indeed the truth!! I honestly can't complain because I have the teenager every parent would kill for although no one is perfect. He is in the process of possibly purchasing a new car and giving him advice in regards to this has led to a few fights this week. Trying to convince him because a car LOOKS good and the radio works does not mean it is worth it. All I ask him is have his Dad who is a mechanic look at PRIOR to the purchase! He has saved up alot of cash and I hate to see him throw it out the window. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO SEE??? Oh man teenagers are tough!

Work has been major stressful this week!!! I picked up three new buildings as of Monday and I only dropped 4 clients as a result! Some people just will never understand the concept that while other clinicians have just one or two buildings I HAVE THE WHOLE FREAKIN UNIT!!!!! So it went up my spine the wrong way when I was at one of my NEW cluster meetings and announced I will be in the new building 3 meals a week (which is good considering I am at work for only 10 meals and have 14 other apts/buildings) But theres always one person that thinks no matter what you do is NEVER enough!!! Sorry, but deal with it! As much as I try to make EVERYONE happy I realized today is just is not going to happen.

So who else is American Idol fans????? I am hooked as usual and I am looking forward to Dancing with the stars. I get frustrated with all the reality TV shows although I am guilty of watching a few of them. In addition to them I am also hooked to Big Brother and the newest addiction is The Moment of Truth, which personally I think is soooooooooooooo MEAN yet I am hooked!

I went on a trip to the Imax theatre Tuesday night with one of my new buildings as well as one client from an old building. We seen Spiderwick Chronicles and there is one word to describe that movie ODD!!! Actually one more word is what scary too!!! But we had fun. I always have fun with the Rec Therapist's in my unit cuz they are all awesome!!!!

My lower left side back is hurting for some reason and I cant figure out how or when I did it. It could possibly be from kettlebells but who knows! My ass is laying on a heating pad as I write this.

My Mom is in sunny Florida and I am very jealous.......I am missing my tan. Luckily I have that Italian glow thats last all yr round ha ha As well as the Italian ass and the Italian temper that flared today at that cluster meeting ha ha

Tomorrow is Friday thank God......Im hoping to pick up some hours at the nursing home so far I only have 4 hours Friday afternoon.

My hubby has like two weeks off in March because he never takes any time......although I have NO time off in March. So that is gonna suck big time gettin up for work while he is snoozing. Now I will know how he feels EVERY DAY, with exception to Monday when we get up together! Awwww its such a great time!! ha ha

We change our clocks this weekend......does anyone know if its ahead orbehind cuz honestly Im not sure, gonna have to find that out! haha All I hope is that its lighter in the morning earlier! So if anyone knows leave me a comment!

Ahhhhhhh my #1 favorite teenager of all time is home from work so off to chat and pray we dont get in another fight........wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ahhhhh what a week!!!

Where did the week go???

I am officially back in the grind now! I got my MoJo back ha ha I went back to kettlebells Monday and did great! I worked late nights Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which resulted in having enough comp time to take Friday off from WDC although I did do a couple hours at the nursing home.
Wednesday night at work was a special event for the residents I work with. It was called the Big Nazo band and I have still yet to figure them out. Some really big odd puppet like characters who basically sang for 2 hours and it got real old real fast. Ya it was strange. Last years event was so much better! Im all set with a 4 foot character with a tongue coming out of its crotch area! Little obscene if ya ask me.
Friday Chris and I took off for the Cape. We were spending the night at Cuddles and Bubbles, which we do every year for Valentines Day. We got down the Cape around 2ish went to the Cape Cod mall and ate at TGIF then we headed to the hotel to check in and wait for Dave and Angi who were meeting us down there. If you are not familar with Cuddle and Bubbles its a hotel which every room has a big jacuzzi right next to the bed. Its very romantic! That night we went to dinner/drinks with Dave and Angi. I had my #1 drink ever which is at the Outback, it is a strawberry/kiwi frozen drink. Mmmmm its so good! We woke up Saturday morning and went to the Christmas Tree shop at the Sagamore Bridge and then IHop for breakfast! We really had a GREAT time. It fealt like a second honeymoon get away! Gotta luv them nights!
Matt held the fort down at the house.......we had about 6 inches of snow here in Worcester while we were down the Cape which only got rain. Although it was perfect timing because by the time we got home the roads were down to pavement. I guess that morning the roads were horrible! Matt didnt make it to work Saturday due to the weather.
Last night Chris and I rented a couple movies from the Red Box at Stop and Shop. So we watched American Gangster (not that good) and We Own the Night (I liked , Chris didnt).
I was actually hoping to get some hours at the nursing home today but there was none available. Oh well! I guess I will enjoy the day off to myself! Matt and Chris are both working. Tonight is my Dads birthday party and thats my plans for the day.
If you would like to see some pics from our night down the Cape check out my myspace (the link is to the left of this entry).....there is only a few pics as we spent most of our time in the tub and the camera is not water proof ha ha!

Well you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will catch ya on the next entry!xoxoxox

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by KellySawtelle

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its Oscars Night...............

Who are you wearing tonight??? Thats the question of the night!!! I dont know about any of you but my favorite part of Oscar night is the red carpet!! I love watching the dresses and the hairstyles. I could care less who wins what awards. Does that make me vain? Well call it what you wish I like fashion and seeing I cant afford to buy the dresses they buy I can enjoy watching the red carpet while I wear NIKE on my living room carpet!!
So I think I am about 85% better......I woke up Saturday morning at 6am and was wide eyed for some odd reason so I bundled up and went outside to clean off the cars seeing we got tons of snow once again. I had to work 5 hours for Easter Seals and I can go in anytime I wish I just need to do the 5 hours so I decided why not get dressed and go in early seeing I was up, and thats what I did I was at the nursing home by 7:30 and I fealt great while I was there. I needed to do something productive after last week!!! I am going back to work at WDC tomorrow and I actually can not wait. No I am not still sick just sick of being home!!
After what happen to me this year with my taxes I decided to get my stuff organized so I can save documents that should be saved and know exactly where to look when I need something. Im always yelling at Chris for leaving his mail hanging around and he always says I really dont wanna throw that away well I have come to realize he is right (yes Honey YOU ARE RIGHT) there are things you just should not throw out. So our file box is now all cleaned out and we have folders to save important documents! I realized I have all of Matts report cards from elementary school and here we are in his Sr year with only 3 months left for him to go! How sad is that???
Speaking of Matts graduation I started the lists today of who is invited, what food I need to get and who is bringing what. I know that its a bit premature but I like to be ahead of the game! My Baby is graduating I need to stay busy because if I really think about it I get sad. Although EXTREMELY PROUD!!
I'm hoping to go back to KettleBells tomorrow.......I really need to get back into it. I miss it. Being sick last week really sucked because now I feel like when I go back to workout its gonna be like the first time and I am gonna be sore for a week again!! Oh well!
Ok well its back to the carpet for me............

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter wonderland.........

I sit here on my new comfy chaise lounge and I look out the bay window at the snow flakes that have been falling since my brown eyes opened his morning. The simple fact that I am sitting on my love seat is progress in itself seeing I have been in my bed since last Saturday. I am on the road to recovery!!!
I actually went for a ride to the supermarket today with Chris. Other than the fact I was weak and shaky and felt like I ran a marathon when I got home it felt good to get out of this damn house!!! My nose, somehow, is still stuffy and still coughing a bit. I so need to get my energy back, I get heart palpitations just walking around the house or was that all the coffee I drank today?? ha ha I can tell you one thing this girl is getting a flu shot next year! I washed my whole bed so poor Chris can finally sleep in it without worrying about germs. Of course he is on the couch still seeing he fell asleep watching the Celtics, but at least he has the option of our nice comfy water bed!
I'm actually going to do some hours tomorrow at my per diem job. For those of you who don't know I work per diem for Easter Seals usually Friday afternoons and Saturday or Sunday or if I am really motivated after work on Mon and Wed. The money there is incredible and hard to turn up. Of course this week they had all kinds of hours for me that I had to refuse due to the curse of the flu bug! So tomorrow I am doing 5 hours. I cant work at all next weekend because Chris and I are going to Cuddles and Bubbles with Dave and Angie. (separate rooms of course) My husband calls it "Soak and Poke" Isn't he romantic?? ha ha
I am actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday!!! I miss it. Wednesday is a client of mines who passed aways memorial service. I have been working on his eulogy all week trying to add some more thoughts and story's about "Bubby" Linda and I got a great start on it Friday. She is brave and strong enough to read it at his service. God Bless her!!! I couldn't do it! One of Chris's favorite clients passed on Thursday afternoon, he actually was living in the community but he used to live in Chris's building. He was such a cutey!!
I have not driven my car in like two weeks because it needs back brakes and the more I drive it the more damage I do! Luckily I had my cousin Jessica's Altima all last week and then being sick this week I didn't need it. A friend/co-worker of mine, Rick, was nice enough to offer to do the brakes and all I have to pay for is the pads which cost me a whopping $25.00!!! Even if I need new roters, which he don't think, it will cost me under $100.oo tops!! Saving me lots of money! He is going to do them on Tuesday seeing Chris and I drive to work together on Mondays it all works out perfect!!! I keep saying I am going to look at new cars but I like my lil convertible in the nice weather that is!
Well its now 1am and the Celtics game is wrapping up so I am gonna hope they make a come back, wake up my hubby and finally head to bed TOGETHER for the first time in a week!! WOO-HOO!!!!
Sweet Dreams blog readers!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well here we go again.......

So I had a journal/blog whatever you prefer to call it for over a year and I gave up on it when I became addicted to MySpace. Well yes I am still addicted to myspace although after reading "smooches" blog and realizing just how much ya can get off your chest whether it be important or just rambling on sometimes its good to ramble! I will even post this for others to read me ramble if thats what floats ya boat well go for it, ENJOY!!

I have been in my bed since Saturday with exception to being in the hospital bed over the weekend. I have caught a bad case of the flu. I got it all the aches, the stufy nose, headache, dog barking cough that kills my ribs and lower back to cough at this point. I have been out sick all week!!! My email and myspace and cel phone have been busy with calls/messages of concern from all my family and friends. Makes me realize what a lucky gal I am!

Well its Feb 21 and we are awaiting yet another snow storm tomorrow....pretty bad one! But then again every snow storm in Worcester is a bad one! Yet I love living in the city! Explain that one!!

I have been on a movie kick being cooped up so a few bootleg movies from a friend. My list includes Fools Gold, This Xmas, MartianChild, 27 Dresses and tonight I watched some messed up Lifetime movie called Thirteen. Gotta luv Lifetime!

Well off to watch the weather to see the snow totals for tomorrow.....get your shovels out!!!!