Monday, April 14, 2008

Hit me like a brick wall!!!

I have been so good this whole time while planning my sons graduation party. Let me tell you about my sister in law last year......while she was planning my niece Brianna's graduation party or even thinking of it she would cry uncontrollably. My brother actually thought she needed professional help because she was having such a hard time with her graduating. Well the whole family, including myself made fun of her. Well as most of you know I have been planning Matt's graduation party and recently began purchasing things. Well today I bought a CD that was full of graduation related songs. Today I started scanning over 150 pictures of him to make a slide show. Well I needed a break from scanning so I decided to listen to the CD I bought. I laid down on the couch to give my back a break from sitting so long put in the CD and as Pomp and Circumstance came on I glanced over at Matt's Sr picture portfolio on my mantle and I completely lost it! CRIED MY FRIGGEN EYES OUT!!!! Yes it hit my like a ton of bricks!! My Baby is graduating!!! That is like WOOOOooooooooo

I made his invitation which is soooooo cute there is a pic of him as a baby holding a football and there is a Sr pic of him in his football jersey. I searched the Internet for graduatiom quotes/sayings to put on the invitation and decided to write my own little blurb. Here is what I wrote

Seems like yesterday he was just my little guy
It all seemed to pass in a blink of an eye
I couldn't be prouder of the man he's become
Please join me to celebrate and have some fun!!!
Short and sweet and to the point!! Came from my heart so it is better than anything I could find on the Internet!!
I'm still out of work, although just over this past weekend I have started feeling much better! I start PT this Tuesday and hopefully will be back to work next week! I miss everything about work!!
The house remodeling has been moving right along.........all the wallpaper has been torn down. The walls have new joint compound on them and all sanded and ready for the painters who are coming in this week. I went to Linen and Things and purchased some cute decor. My Mom made the curtains for the bow window. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER!!! It is going to look so pretty!!
I got my hair done and I no longer have any blond in my hair. I also now have bangs. Yup I needed a change and I love it tons!!
I went to dinner on Saturday night with Simmi and Lauren and we had some champagne with pomegranate juice with frozen strawberries in it. It was soooooooooooooo yummy! Although seeing I am still taking vicodens for my back I didn't have much. I was very responsible!
I wish everyone a good week!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly you almost had me crying with that little poem you wrote .