Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Always something.........

Hello my Peeps!!

Busy busy busy!!! Work has been keeping me busy. I have been working 7 day weeks since I got back from Florida. With the "C" word right around the corner the money is well needed. Easter Seals has been offering me tons of hours as the caseload at the nursing home is growing. Plus my 40 hours at WDC. I am just fortunate to have a job with the way things are. So I am not complaining at all. Last week I went to Salem with the girls from work and had a great time. The clients were not on the their best behavior but regardless I loved Salem. Now I want to go back minus the clients to thoroughly enjoy!

I had a pretty busy weekend....worked at the nursing home Fri, Sat and Sun. Friday night after work I went to hang out with my friend Lauren who is going through a rough time right now. But she is one of thee strongest woman I know and she will be fine! Saturday my lil nephew Cameron who plays peewee football got to play on the HOLY CROSS field at half time and it was the cutest thing ever as you can see!!!

Than Saturday night Chris and I went with my sister and her family to the Ecotarium Pumpkin Fest. It was a bit of a disappointment because the previous years it was so much better. As for Sunday, after work I went to the Halloween outlet with my sister and then out to dinner and then to the Emergency room for the night.....Yup Chris's ankle looked like a basketball at the end of his foot. He sprained his ankle pretty bad playing basketball. So he needs to stay off it for two weeks, he is slowly getting better with his crutches. Luckily for him he has about 1500 hours of sick time so now he will FINALLY use some! Good for him he could use the break from work! So I took a couple days off to take care of him like he always does for me!

I will be back to work tomorrow and will be there from 8ish to 9ish for the clients Halloween party! I got a cat set for me...easy to throw on! Done deal! I am looking forward to Halloween I love seeing all the lil ones dressed up when they come trick or treating. We get sooooooo many kids in this neighborhood.

Well I am going to get back to my crippled hubby.....enjoy the rest of your week!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

awaiting my cough medicine to knock me out.....

Well I made it through my 1st week back! Luckily it was a holiday week because I was sick and every day it got worse and worse. Yesterday I was going to go home sick, today I was going to go home sick and it never happen! I stuck it out. WHY??? I have no idea.
It is 1:25am and I just had a cough attack and just took some cough medicine with codeine so while that kicks in I will if this just ends in the middle of the sentence you know it worked!! ha ha
Well the Governor made his budget cut speech yesterday and we found out today at work that he is cutting 3 million from the state facilities. There are 6 of us so that's spread amongst them. Most people are walking around on egg shells, it's a scary thought to think you may be laid off especially in times like we are having now. The holidays are right around the corner as well. My day ended with a phone call from the Assistant Facility Director looking for EDCO's project director (my boss) home phone number because she needed to speak to him TODAY!!! Not a good sign for EDCO!!! YIKES!!! So its going to be a long weekend.......
I am so happy I am not working at my per diem job tomorrow because I just need a day to get better!!!
The RED SOX surprised us all tonight.........I gave up when they were down 7-0 and shut the game off until Chris called me and said it was tied I thought I was going to die!!
So I went to CVS at lunch today and got the People magazine because my friend Jessica was in it........she is jewelry designer on Nantucket who makes her own line of jewelry and it has taken off incredibly with the stars. Some of the customers are Eva Longeria, Brooke Shields, Sara Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, the list goes on forever! I am sooooooooooo proud of her!! You gotta check out her website and click on the media link to see all the media coverage she has gotten..... Best part about her success is when she comes home to Worcester and we all go out she is the same Jessica from high school!! I just ordered her peace sign necklace because she said she couldn't keep them on the shelves and I have wanted it forever!
I am hoping to go to dinner with Simmi tomorrow night or maybe even watch a movie here with some take out so I need to feel better because I miss my girl Michelle!
Oh and Matt cleaned his room tonight ALL ON HIS OWN so that made me feel better right there.
I was just reading my friend Brenda's blog and realized I am not a very good writer!!! ha ha She is much more talented at this than me....but hey I get my point across! ha ha
Well my eyes are getting pretty heavy right now and I believe I am seconds away from LA- LA land soooooooo I'm out!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok I'm sitting here at work (on lunch of course) debating if I should go home or throat is killing me and I can not even touch my neck. My co-workers tell me my glands look swollen BUT I figure seeing I am, already her I mine as well stay. Also I have to work at the nursing home after work and I cant call in there!!!! So maybe I will leave here early and ge tmy job done there faster! Then I can get home sooner and my husband will make me a cup of tea while I lay on the couch!!
I do want to be home to hear the Governers speech at 5pm to see how the state budget cut will effect my job!!!! Buzz has it major layoffs in health care for state employees! For once I am a little concerned! So many rumors running around this place it is pathetic....all we can do is wait and see.
Ok well my husband bought me some fresh fruit and cottage cheese for lunch because that is easy to eat so I am off to his buiolding to go pick it up!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ahhhh home is where you feel your best!!!

Vacation is much as that is usually a bad thing, I'm very happy to be home! I missed Matt like crazy. I have never left him for that long in 18 years so I didn't realize how much I would miss him! He was the first thing I thought of when I woke up and the first thing I thought of when I went to bed! Don't get me wrong I had a great time in Florida but was ready to come home after the two weeks there! We basically sat by the pool every day....we did flea markets...Chris and I did the gym.....Universals Halloween Horror nights.......City Walk......Cheered on the Red Sox......Karaoke!!! It was a good time! I wish I could keep my tan forever!!
My sister was supposed to pick me up at the Logan Express but Matt and Ashley surprised me. I was soooooo happy to see him and I even got a big hug lifting me off the ground!! He missed his Mom too!!!
Luckily I don't have to go right back to work. Monday is a holiday so I am off until Tuesday morning. Poor Chris had to go right back to work Sunday morning.
Yesterday when we got home I was soooooo exhausted seeing I went to bed at 2am and had to be up and out heading to the airport for 7 am. So I got home, unpacked and slept in MY BED from 4pm to 8pm. Which is why I could not fall back to sleep until 4am! So my sleep is all screwed up!
I finally accepted that the summer is I put away all my summer clothes and took out the winter/fall clothes. I am OK with the fall but hate the winter!
Matt and Ashley went to the apple orchid today and came home with close to 9000000 apples! So I made a apple crisp and plan on making more tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am babysitting for Cameron and Gianni......seeing everyone else has to work. So they will be my helpers in the kitchen.
I am proud to say that I have bought 3 Christmas presents so far......I am in search for one big one for Matt and can not find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I get that I will feel totally accomplished.
Ok well I am off to watch Brother and Sisters...I have alot of my shows DVR'ed from vacation and lots to catch up on!!!
Adios xoxox

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vacationing on Florida.....

Hello Everyone..........

Yup I am still in Florida!! One week down and one to go! The weather has been amazing. Some afternoon clouds here and there but no rain. Although I think it did rain ONE night while we were sleeping, which is fine with me!
The days are consisting of waking up going to the gym with Chris....then in between the pool and the hot tub all day. To some of you that may seem very boring but not I!!!! I came here for rest and relaxation!! Not to spend hundreds of dollars shopping. Yes I am my fathers daughter! ha ha Sorry Mom!
Every night we can see the fireworks at Disney from our balcony. Which are so pretty, they even have some that look like Mickey Mouse! I can't imagine the money they spend on the fireworks to have them every night. Although they do charge a small fortune to get into every single park. Then once your in OH MY GOD if you want a bottle of water its insane!!! Which is why we are not doing any parks this year. Although we are going to Universal Studios Thursday night for the Halloween Horror Nights. So excited for that yet scared at the same time because we have gone 2 other times and it is sooooooo scary!!
We rented a cabana for Saturday and Sunday......Heidi and Marc are not sun worshipers like Chris and I so they sit in the cabana as we lay on the outside of it. The Cabanas include a refrigerator full of drinks, newspaper, lounge chairs,fruit, snacks, TV, and tubes for the lazy river. So tomorrow we head back to our Cabana.
Other than missing my son like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to get away for two weeks in a row. I made Ashley send me a picture message of Matt today because I miss seeing his face!!!
I took pictures of course and will upload them eventually.....when you come here annually like we do there is only so many things you can or want to take pictures of!
We went to dinner tonight and I ate WAYYYYYYY too much so I am off to bed so I can get the gym before we head to the pool....and most of you know Kelly does not want to miss much sun light!!! ha hahaha
Nighty Night peeps!!!
Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!