Friday, October 17, 2008

awaiting my cough medicine to knock me out.....

Well I made it through my 1st week back! Luckily it was a holiday week because I was sick and every day it got worse and worse. Yesterday I was going to go home sick, today I was going to go home sick and it never happen! I stuck it out. WHY??? I have no idea.
It is 1:25am and I just had a cough attack and just took some cough medicine with codeine so while that kicks in I will if this just ends in the middle of the sentence you know it worked!! ha ha
Well the Governor made his budget cut speech yesterday and we found out today at work that he is cutting 3 million from the state facilities. There are 6 of us so that's spread amongst them. Most people are walking around on egg shells, it's a scary thought to think you may be laid off especially in times like we are having now. The holidays are right around the corner as well. My day ended with a phone call from the Assistant Facility Director looking for EDCO's project director (my boss) home phone number because she needed to speak to him TODAY!!! Not a good sign for EDCO!!! YIKES!!! So its going to be a long weekend.......
I am so happy I am not working at my per diem job tomorrow because I just need a day to get better!!!
The RED SOX surprised us all tonight.........I gave up when they were down 7-0 and shut the game off until Chris called me and said it was tied I thought I was going to die!!
So I went to CVS at lunch today and got the People magazine because my friend Jessica was in it........she is jewelry designer on Nantucket who makes her own line of jewelry and it has taken off incredibly with the stars. Some of the customers are Eva Longeria, Brooke Shields, Sara Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, the list goes on forever! I am sooooooooooo proud of her!! You gotta check out her website and click on the media link to see all the media coverage she has gotten..... Best part about her success is when she comes home to Worcester and we all go out she is the same Jessica from high school!! I just ordered her peace sign necklace because she said she couldn't keep them on the shelves and I have wanted it forever!
I am hoping to go to dinner with Simmi tomorrow night or maybe even watch a movie here with some take out so I need to feel better because I miss my girl Michelle!
Oh and Matt cleaned his room tonight ALL ON HIS OWN so that made me feel better right there.
I was just reading my friend Brenda's blog and realized I am not a very good writer!!! ha ha She is much more talented at this than me....but hey I get my point across! ha ha
Well my eyes are getting pretty heavy right now and I believe I am seconds away from LA- LA land soooooooo I'm out!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!