Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its Oscars Night...............

Who are you wearing tonight??? Thats the question of the night!!! I dont know about any of you but my favorite part of Oscar night is the red carpet!! I love watching the dresses and the hairstyles. I could care less who wins what awards. Does that make me vain? Well call it what you wish I like fashion and seeing I cant afford to buy the dresses they buy I can enjoy watching the red carpet while I wear NIKE on my living room carpet!!
So I think I am about 85% better......I woke up Saturday morning at 6am and was wide eyed for some odd reason so I bundled up and went outside to clean off the cars seeing we got tons of snow once again. I had to work 5 hours for Easter Seals and I can go in anytime I wish I just need to do the 5 hours so I decided why not get dressed and go in early seeing I was up, and thats what I did I was at the nursing home by 7:30 and I fealt great while I was there. I needed to do something productive after last week!!! I am going back to work at WDC tomorrow and I actually can not wait. No I am not still sick just sick of being home!!
After what happen to me this year with my taxes I decided to get my stuff organized so I can save documents that should be saved and know exactly where to look when I need something. Im always yelling at Chris for leaving his mail hanging around and he always says I really dont wanna throw that away well I have come to realize he is right (yes Honey YOU ARE RIGHT) there are things you just should not throw out. So our file box is now all cleaned out and we have folders to save important documents! I realized I have all of Matts report cards from elementary school and here we are in his Sr year with only 3 months left for him to go! How sad is that???
Speaking of Matts graduation I started the lists today of who is invited, what food I need to get and who is bringing what. I know that its a bit premature but I like to be ahead of the game! My Baby is graduating I need to stay busy because if I really think about it I get sad. Although EXTREMELY PROUD!!
I'm hoping to go back to KettleBells tomorrow.......I really need to get back into it. I miss it. Being sick last week really sucked because now I feel like when I go back to workout its gonna be like the first time and I am gonna be sore for a week again!! Oh well!
Ok well its back to the carpet for me............

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Winter wonderland.........

I sit here on my new comfy chaise lounge and I look out the bay window at the snow flakes that have been falling since my brown eyes opened his morning. The simple fact that I am sitting on my love seat is progress in itself seeing I have been in my bed since last Saturday. I am on the road to recovery!!!
I actually went for a ride to the supermarket today with Chris. Other than the fact I was weak and shaky and felt like I ran a marathon when I got home it felt good to get out of this damn house!!! My nose, somehow, is still stuffy and still coughing a bit. I so need to get my energy back, I get heart palpitations just walking around the house or was that all the coffee I drank today?? ha ha I can tell you one thing this girl is getting a flu shot next year! I washed my whole bed so poor Chris can finally sleep in it without worrying about germs. Of course he is on the couch still seeing he fell asleep watching the Celtics, but at least he has the option of our nice comfy water bed!
I'm actually going to do some hours tomorrow at my per diem job. For those of you who don't know I work per diem for Easter Seals usually Friday afternoons and Saturday or Sunday or if I am really motivated after work on Mon and Wed. The money there is incredible and hard to turn up. Of course this week they had all kinds of hours for me that I had to refuse due to the curse of the flu bug! So tomorrow I am doing 5 hours. I cant work at all next weekend because Chris and I are going to Cuddles and Bubbles with Dave and Angie. (separate rooms of course) My husband calls it "Soak and Poke" Isn't he romantic?? ha ha
I am actually looking forward to going back to work on Monday!!! I miss it. Wednesday is a client of mines who passed aways memorial service. I have been working on his eulogy all week trying to add some more thoughts and story's about "Bubby" Linda and I got a great start on it Friday. She is brave and strong enough to read it at his service. God Bless her!!! I couldn't do it! One of Chris's favorite clients passed on Thursday afternoon, he actually was living in the community but he used to live in Chris's building. He was such a cutey!!
I have not driven my car in like two weeks because it needs back brakes and the more I drive it the more damage I do! Luckily I had my cousin Jessica's Altima all last week and then being sick this week I didn't need it. A friend/co-worker of mine, Rick, was nice enough to offer to do the brakes and all I have to pay for is the pads which cost me a whopping $25.00!!! Even if I need new roters, which he don't think, it will cost me under $100.oo tops!! Saving me lots of money! He is going to do them on Tuesday seeing Chris and I drive to work together on Mondays it all works out perfect!!! I keep saying I am going to look at new cars but I like my lil convertible in the nice weather that is!
Well its now 1am and the Celtics game is wrapping up so I am gonna hope they make a come back, wake up my hubby and finally head to bed TOGETHER for the first time in a week!! WOO-HOO!!!!
Sweet Dreams blog readers!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well here we go again.......

So I had a journal/blog whatever you prefer to call it for over a year and I gave up on it when I became addicted to MySpace. Well yes I am still addicted to myspace although after reading "smooches" blog and realizing just how much ya can get off your chest whether it be important or just rambling on sometimes its good to ramble! I will even post this for others to read me ramble if thats what floats ya boat well go for it, ENJOY!!

I have been in my bed since Saturday with exception to being in the hospital bed over the weekend. I have caught a bad case of the flu. I got it all the aches, the stufy nose, headache, dog barking cough that kills my ribs and lower back to cough at this point. I have been out sick all week!!! My email and myspace and cel phone have been busy with calls/messages of concern from all my family and friends. Makes me realize what a lucky gal I am!

Well its Feb 21 and we are awaiting yet another snow storm tomorrow....pretty bad one! But then again every snow storm in Worcester is a bad one! Yet I love living in the city! Explain that one!!

I have been on a movie kick being cooped up so a few bootleg movies from a friend. My list includes Fools Gold, This Xmas, MartianChild, 27 Dresses and tonight I watched some messed up Lifetime movie called Thirteen. Gotta luv Lifetime!

Well off to watch the weather to see the snow totals for tomorrow.....get your shovels out!!!!