Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its Oscars Night...............

Who are you wearing tonight??? Thats the question of the night!!! I dont know about any of you but my favorite part of Oscar night is the red carpet!! I love watching the dresses and the hairstyles. I could care less who wins what awards. Does that make me vain? Well call it what you wish I like fashion and seeing I cant afford to buy the dresses they buy I can enjoy watching the red carpet while I wear NIKE on my living room carpet!!
So I think I am about 85% better......I woke up Saturday morning at 6am and was wide eyed for some odd reason so I bundled up and went outside to clean off the cars seeing we got tons of snow once again. I had to work 5 hours for Easter Seals and I can go in anytime I wish I just need to do the 5 hours so I decided why not get dressed and go in early seeing I was up, and thats what I did I was at the nursing home by 7:30 and I fealt great while I was there. I needed to do something productive after last week!!! I am going back to work at WDC tomorrow and I actually can not wait. No I am not still sick just sick of being home!!
After what happen to me this year with my taxes I decided to get my stuff organized so I can save documents that should be saved and know exactly where to look when I need something. Im always yelling at Chris for leaving his mail hanging around and he always says I really dont wanna throw that away well I have come to realize he is right (yes Honey YOU ARE RIGHT) there are things you just should not throw out. So our file box is now all cleaned out and we have folders to save important documents! I realized I have all of Matts report cards from elementary school and here we are in his Sr year with only 3 months left for him to go! How sad is that???
Speaking of Matts graduation I started the lists today of who is invited, what food I need to get and who is bringing what. I know that its a bit premature but I like to be ahead of the game! My Baby is graduating I need to stay busy because if I really think about it I get sad. Although EXTREMELY PROUD!!
I'm hoping to go back to KettleBells tomorrow.......I really need to get back into it. I miss it. Being sick last week really sucked because now I feel like when I go back to workout its gonna be like the first time and I am gonna be sore for a week again!! Oh well!
Ok well its back to the carpet for me............


Laura said...

Oh Kelly... you didn't do it, did you ? Yes, you admitted Chris was RIGHT !! Never, never admit when they're right !