Saturday, March 29, 2008


I did it!! I gave in!! I am remodeling my kitchen, living room and foyer before Matt's graduation party. I have been contemplating it for a few months now and my cousin Debbie who is a interior designer came up with some ideas and it is now going to happen. I went today to buy the fabric for the curtains and all the paint, bought some accents, picked out a new light fixture, got the border...basically got everything I need to start and almost finish! My Mom is amazing with fabric and is making curtains. My kitchen is going to be like an old Italian Cafe. Very Tuscany looking. I am going to take before and after pics and you can see them on my myspace!!! (again the link is on the left)

My back is still horrible!! I have been on pain meds now for about a week. Tried to not take them on my birthday but the back started killing again so back on them I went. I have been getting out of the house but it hurts to walk for more than an hour and the sitting in the car sucks big time. I am still out of work and have to go back to the Dr on Monday and make plans for physical therapy. I miss work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great gerbera daisy arrangement from Chris and Matt came home with a huge yellow bouquet of flowers it was soooo pretty! So my house is full of pretty flowers.

I miss exercising and feel like I weigh 90000 pounds now but getting my back better is my number one priority right now.. Because being in the medical field I know if you don't take care of your back your screwed for life! Not going down that road.

So tomorrow my Mom who i also call the decorating Nazi is going to start ripping down wallpaper. Maybe its a good thing my back is injured. Chris is out of work now until next Sunday and he is going to the Cape for a couple days to golf and I am sure my mom will have this house down in 48 hours ha ha!! I make fun of them but I am lucky I have her and my cousin Debbie and my brother in law who will be crucial in this remodeling!!

Ok well back to the couch tonight to sleep...I tried to sleep in my water bed last night and it hurt my back too bad cuz its a full motion water bed with NO SUPPORT. So that's not good. I am off to watch big brother after dark cuz I'm addicted!!

Sweat Dreams people!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Without sounding as pathetic as Nancy Kerrigan did when she was crying out WHY MEEEE??? I have to ask the same question. First I get the horrible flu and I am out of work for a week and now just a month or so later I hurt my back. I have heard lots of people in my lifetime complain of a bad back and I now sympathize with them because a bad back is not a good feeling at all!!!

I cant put on my socks/shoes/pants, to sneeze or cough kills, standing up straight after laying down is a task, laying down after standing up for awhile is also a task. My back has been injured since Thursday and here I am 5 days later and the pain is killing me! I went to the Dr. Monday who gave me SOMA (muscle relaxers) and Vicoden (pain med). They two of them are knocking me out on my ass! This morning I actually felt a lil better so I stopped the pain med, well as of late this afternoon I am in tons of pain once again! So back to LaLa land I go. I hate being out of work this long unless of course I am on vacation at the beach but this just sucks!!!

Well luckily I have people in my life to keep me going...My husband took some time off and is taking good care of me, My parents are helping out tons, even Matt is being great when he is home ha ha. A friend from work sent me a nice get well gift today as well as a birthday gift. My friends from work are all calling/messaging asking how I am. Thank you everyone!

Yup tomorrow is my birthday and looks like I will miss my birthday lunch!!! Chris gave me such an amazing card today it was completely perfect and made me cry my eyes out!! It was thee nicest card he ever got me. Then I get an email from my AMAZING friend Brenda who wrote me a poem, which again made me cry, because I realize what a lucky woman I am!! I love you guys!!!

I am watching the Celtics game right now with Chris, Matt is there with his Dad and I just seen him on TV. I'm glad he is there enjoying himself. He keeps texting me telling me what a great time he is having and how awesome it is to be there!!

Despite the fact i could not sit at the dinner table with my family for Easter dinner due to my back I had a nice holiday. Its always nice to get together with family!!

Needless to say I miss my kettlebell workouts....but God knows I am sooooo not ready for that! Going to have to get back to that ASAP as well as a crash diet seeing all I have been doing is eating!!! I went to the mall with Chris to walk around and had to come home cuz my back starting killing!! So will try again...maybe Christmas Tree Shop this time! ha ha

OK well I feel my eyes collapsing so I think the meds are kicking before I start typing gibberish I will say goodbye for now!

Again thank you for everyone in my life who is making me feel better!!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where does the time go????

Oh My goodness so much for being consistent in here!! Where does the time go?? I can't even believe I haven't written since March 6th. Anywayssssssss.....

I sure can tell you I have been crazy busy!! As well as my 40 hours at WDC I have been doing tons of hours at Easter Seals to make some well needed money!! These damn bills are not gonna pay themselves! I have mostly been doing Friday afternoons and Saturdays, although this week I did a few hours Wednesday when I got out of Wrentham.

On the 12th I was a very happy, proud, excited, etc etc Mom!!! Matt had his basketball banquet and he received the Coaches Award. For those of you not familar with sports that is like thee best award a parent could wish for. Its the award the coaches decide on! The coach said lots of nice things about Matt. Of course I had to fight back the tears to spare Matt the embarressment! SO DAMN PROUD OF THAT BOY!!!! He is really maturing into a great young man!!

So I went on a trip with some clients from work. We went bowling and had some dinner. Get ready to laugh......yes I came in VERY LAST place, including the clients, one who actually bowls backwards. Yes I tried, No I did not let them win, Yes I SUCK!!! ha ha

Well despite the long hours I have been working I have been pretty failthful with the kettlebell workouts......Well that is up until last night! my back was bothering me off and on for awhile BUT Kelly is stubborn and ignores it. Well last night I was doing my kettlebell workout and my back just let go. Today it was really bad, took me forever to get out of bed and tonight its probably the worse back pain I have ever fealt! I have been icing it, heating it, taking muscle relaxers and even a vicoden, NOTHING is helping!! I am goin to call my Dr first thing in the morning because I can not take another day of this! I sneezed tonight and it hurt like hell. The drive in my car brought me to tears it hurt so bad!!

My buddy Tim turned the big 4-0 on the 15th!!! We had a lil suprise party for him! He is such a good guy, he deserved it!!

NEXT BIRTHDAY IS MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY!!! ha ha I am turning the big 3-5 on Thursday the 27th! ha ha Does that mean I need to get a mammogram now???

St Pattys Day came and big thing for me this year. I did watch the Worcester parade on Tv! WooHoo Im getting old! ha ha Matt and his friend Ashley went into Boston to see the parade last weekend he said it was insanely busy and had fun! Glad someone has a life!

I just seen that the Big Apple circus is coming soon and that excites me!! ha ah What is happening to me???

Nice to see others writing blogs we got Diane into it!! ha ha Unit One at WDC is taking over myspace!!!

Well its gonna take a act of God to get me from this couch to my bed so I am going to start the venture now!!!

If I dont write again..... HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stressful times make us stronger.......

So lets just say that the expression raising a teenager is like nailing jello to the wall is indeed the truth!! I honestly can't complain because I have the teenager every parent would kill for although no one is perfect. He is in the process of possibly purchasing a new car and giving him advice in regards to this has led to a few fights this week. Trying to convince him because a car LOOKS good and the radio works does not mean it is worth it. All I ask him is have his Dad who is a mechanic look at PRIOR to the purchase! He has saved up alot of cash and I hate to see him throw it out the window. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO SEE??? Oh man teenagers are tough!

Work has been major stressful this week!!! I picked up three new buildings as of Monday and I only dropped 4 clients as a result! Some people just will never understand the concept that while other clinicians have just one or two buildings I HAVE THE WHOLE FREAKIN UNIT!!!!! So it went up my spine the wrong way when I was at one of my NEW cluster meetings and announced I will be in the new building 3 meals a week (which is good considering I am at work for only 10 meals and have 14 other apts/buildings) But theres always one person that thinks no matter what you do is NEVER enough!!! Sorry, but deal with it! As much as I try to make EVERYONE happy I realized today is just is not going to happen.

So who else is American Idol fans????? I am hooked as usual and I am looking forward to Dancing with the stars. I get frustrated with all the reality TV shows although I am guilty of watching a few of them. In addition to them I am also hooked to Big Brother and the newest addiction is The Moment of Truth, which personally I think is soooooooooooooo MEAN yet I am hooked!

I went on a trip to the Imax theatre Tuesday night with one of my new buildings as well as one client from an old building. We seen Spiderwick Chronicles and there is one word to describe that movie ODD!!! Actually one more word is what scary too!!! But we had fun. I always have fun with the Rec Therapist's in my unit cuz they are all awesome!!!!

My lower left side back is hurting for some reason and I cant figure out how or when I did it. It could possibly be from kettlebells but who knows! My ass is laying on a heating pad as I write this.

My Mom is in sunny Florida and I am very jealous.......I am missing my tan. Luckily I have that Italian glow thats last all yr round ha ha As well as the Italian ass and the Italian temper that flared today at that cluster meeting ha ha

Tomorrow is Friday thank God......Im hoping to pick up some hours at the nursing home so far I only have 4 hours Friday afternoon.

My hubby has like two weeks off in March because he never takes any time......although I have NO time off in March. So that is gonna suck big time gettin up for work while he is snoozing. Now I will know how he feels EVERY DAY, with exception to Monday when we get up together! Awwww its such a great time!! ha ha

We change our clocks this weekend......does anyone know if its ahead orbehind cuz honestly Im not sure, gonna have to find that out! haha All I hope is that its lighter in the morning earlier! So if anyone knows leave me a comment!

Ahhhhhhh my #1 favorite teenager of all time is home from work so off to chat and pray we dont get in another fight........wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ahhhhh what a week!!!

Where did the week go???

I am officially back in the grind now! I got my MoJo back ha ha I went back to kettlebells Monday and did great! I worked late nights Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which resulted in having enough comp time to take Friday off from WDC although I did do a couple hours at the nursing home.
Wednesday night at work was a special event for the residents I work with. It was called the Big Nazo band and I have still yet to figure them out. Some really big odd puppet like characters who basically sang for 2 hours and it got real old real fast. Ya it was strange. Last years event was so much better! Im all set with a 4 foot character with a tongue coming out of its crotch area! Little obscene if ya ask me.
Friday Chris and I took off for the Cape. We were spending the night at Cuddles and Bubbles, which we do every year for Valentines Day. We got down the Cape around 2ish went to the Cape Cod mall and ate at TGIF then we headed to the hotel to check in and wait for Dave and Angi who were meeting us down there. If you are not familar with Cuddle and Bubbles its a hotel which every room has a big jacuzzi right next to the bed. Its very romantic! That night we went to dinner/drinks with Dave and Angi. I had my #1 drink ever which is at the Outback, it is a strawberry/kiwi frozen drink. Mmmmm its so good! We woke up Saturday morning and went to the Christmas Tree shop at the Sagamore Bridge and then IHop for breakfast! We really had a GREAT time. It fealt like a second honeymoon get away! Gotta luv them nights!
Matt held the fort down at the house.......we had about 6 inches of snow here in Worcester while we were down the Cape which only got rain. Although it was perfect timing because by the time we got home the roads were down to pavement. I guess that morning the roads were horrible! Matt didnt make it to work Saturday due to the weather.
Last night Chris and I rented a couple movies from the Red Box at Stop and Shop. So we watched American Gangster (not that good) and We Own the Night (I liked , Chris didnt).
I was actually hoping to get some hours at the nursing home today but there was none available. Oh well! I guess I will enjoy the day off to myself! Matt and Chris are both working. Tonight is my Dads birthday party and thats my plans for the day.
If you would like to see some pics from our night down the Cape check out my myspace (the link is to the left of this entry).....there is only a few pics as we spent most of our time in the tub and the camera is not water proof ha ha!

Well you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will catch ya on the next entry!xoxoxox

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by KellySawtelle