Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stressful times make us stronger.......

So lets just say that the expression raising a teenager is like nailing jello to the wall is indeed the truth!! I honestly can't complain because I have the teenager every parent would kill for although no one is perfect. He is in the process of possibly purchasing a new car and giving him advice in regards to this has led to a few fights this week. Trying to convince him because a car LOOKS good and the radio works does not mean it is worth it. All I ask him is have his Dad who is a mechanic look at PRIOR to the purchase! He has saved up alot of cash and I hate to see him throw it out the window. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO SEE??? Oh man teenagers are tough!

Work has been major stressful this week!!! I picked up three new buildings as of Monday and I only dropped 4 clients as a result! Some people just will never understand the concept that while other clinicians have just one or two buildings I HAVE THE WHOLE FREAKIN UNIT!!!!! So it went up my spine the wrong way when I was at one of my NEW cluster meetings and announced I will be in the new building 3 meals a week (which is good considering I am at work for only 10 meals and have 14 other apts/buildings) But theres always one person that thinks no matter what you do is NEVER enough!!! Sorry, but deal with it! As much as I try to make EVERYONE happy I realized today is just is not going to happen.

So who else is American Idol fans????? I am hooked as usual and I am looking forward to Dancing with the stars. I get frustrated with all the reality TV shows although I am guilty of watching a few of them. In addition to them I am also hooked to Big Brother and the newest addiction is The Moment of Truth, which personally I think is soooooooooooooo MEAN yet I am hooked!

I went on a trip to the Imax theatre Tuesday night with one of my new buildings as well as one client from an old building. We seen Spiderwick Chronicles and there is one word to describe that movie ODD!!! Actually one more word is what scary too!!! But we had fun. I always have fun with the Rec Therapist's in my unit cuz they are all awesome!!!!

My lower left side back is hurting for some reason and I cant figure out how or when I did it. It could possibly be from kettlebells but who knows! My ass is laying on a heating pad as I write this.

My Mom is in sunny Florida and I am very jealous.......I am missing my tan. Luckily I have that Italian glow thats last all yr round ha ha As well as the Italian ass and the Italian temper that flared today at that cluster meeting ha ha

Tomorrow is Friday thank God......Im hoping to pick up some hours at the nursing home so far I only have 4 hours Friday afternoon.

My hubby has like two weeks off in March because he never takes any time......although I have NO time off in March. So that is gonna suck big time gettin up for work while he is snoozing. Now I will know how he feels EVERY DAY, with exception to Monday when we get up together! Awwww its such a great time!! ha ha

We change our clocks this weekend......does anyone know if its ahead orbehind cuz honestly Im not sure, gonna have to find that out! haha All I hope is that its lighter in the morning earlier! So if anyone knows leave me a comment!

Ahhhhhhh my #1 favorite teenager of all time is home from work so off to chat and pray we dont get in another fight........wish me luck!!