Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Without sounding as pathetic as Nancy Kerrigan did when she was crying out WHY MEEEE??? I have to ask the same question. First I get the horrible flu and I am out of work for a week and now just a month or so later I hurt my back. I have heard lots of people in my lifetime complain of a bad back and I now sympathize with them because a bad back is not a good feeling at all!!!

I cant put on my socks/shoes/pants, to sneeze or cough kills, standing up straight after laying down is a task, laying down after standing up for awhile is also a task. My back has been injured since Thursday and here I am 5 days later and the pain is killing me! I went to the Dr. Monday who gave me SOMA (muscle relaxers) and Vicoden (pain med). They two of them are knocking me out on my ass! This morning I actually felt a lil better so I stopped the pain med, well as of late this afternoon I am in tons of pain once again! So back to LaLa land I go. I hate being out of work this long unless of course I am on vacation at the beach but this just sucks!!!

Well luckily I have people in my life to keep me going...My husband took some time off and is taking good care of me, My parents are helping out tons, even Matt is being great when he is home ha ha. A friend from work sent me a nice get well gift today as well as a birthday gift. My friends from work are all calling/messaging asking how I am. Thank you everyone!

Yup tomorrow is my birthday and looks like I will miss my birthday lunch!!! Chris gave me such an amazing card today it was completely perfect and made me cry my eyes out!! It was thee nicest card he ever got me. Then I get an email from my AMAZING friend Brenda who wrote me a poem, which again made me cry, because I realize what a lucky woman I am!! I love you guys!!!

I am watching the Celtics game right now with Chris, Matt is there with his Dad and I just seen him on TV. I'm glad he is there enjoying himself. He keeps texting me telling me what a great time he is having and how awesome it is to be there!!

Despite the fact i could not sit at the dinner table with my family for Easter dinner due to my back I had a nice holiday. Its always nice to get together with family!!

Needless to say I miss my kettlebell workouts....but God knows I am sooooo not ready for that! Going to have to get back to that ASAP as well as a crash diet seeing all I have been doing is eating!!! I went to the mall with Chris to walk around and had to come home cuz my back starting killing!! So will try again...maybe Christmas Tree Shop this time! ha ha

OK well I feel my eyes collapsing so I think the meds are kicking before I start typing gibberish I will say goodbye for now!

Again thank you for everyone in my life who is making me feel better!!!!