Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where does the time go????

Oh My goodness so much for being consistent in here!! Where does the time go?? I can't even believe I haven't written since March 6th. Anywayssssssss.....

I sure can tell you I have been crazy busy!! As well as my 40 hours at WDC I have been doing tons of hours at Easter Seals to make some well needed money!! These damn bills are not gonna pay themselves! I have mostly been doing Friday afternoons and Saturdays, although this week I did a few hours Wednesday when I got out of Wrentham.

On the 12th I was a very happy, proud, excited, etc etc Mom!!! Matt had his basketball banquet and he received the Coaches Award. For those of you not familar with sports that is like thee best award a parent could wish for. Its the award the coaches decide on! The coach said lots of nice things about Matt. Of course I had to fight back the tears to spare Matt the embarressment! SO DAMN PROUD OF THAT BOY!!!! He is really maturing into a great young man!!

So I went on a trip with some clients from work. We went bowling and had some dinner. Get ready to laugh......yes I came in VERY LAST place, including the clients, one who actually bowls backwards. Yes I tried, No I did not let them win, Yes I SUCK!!! ha ha

Well despite the long hours I have been working I have been pretty failthful with the kettlebell workouts......Well that is up until last night! my back was bothering me off and on for awhile BUT Kelly is stubborn and ignores it. Well last night I was doing my kettlebell workout and my back just let go. Today it was really bad, took me forever to get out of bed and tonight its probably the worse back pain I have ever fealt! I have been icing it, heating it, taking muscle relaxers and even a vicoden, NOTHING is helping!! I am goin to call my Dr first thing in the morning because I can not take another day of this! I sneezed tonight and it hurt like hell. The drive in my car brought me to tears it hurt so bad!!

My buddy Tim turned the big 4-0 on the 15th!!! We had a lil suprise party for him! He is such a good guy, he deserved it!!

NEXT BIRTHDAY IS MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY!!! ha ha I am turning the big 3-5 on Thursday the 27th! ha ha Does that mean I need to get a mammogram now???

St Pattys Day came and big thing for me this year. I did watch the Worcester parade on Tv! WooHoo Im getting old! ha ha Matt and his friend Ashley went into Boston to see the parade last weekend he said it was insanely busy and had fun! Glad someone has a life!

I just seen that the Big Apple circus is coming soon and that excites me!! ha ah What is happening to me???

Nice to see others writing blogs we got Diane into it!! ha ha Unit One at WDC is taking over myspace!!!

Well its gonna take a act of God to get me from this couch to my bed so I am going to start the venture now!!!

If I dont write again..... HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!