Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ahhhhh what a week!!!

Where did the week go???

I am officially back in the grind now! I got my MoJo back ha ha I went back to kettlebells Monday and did great! I worked late nights Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which resulted in having enough comp time to take Friday off from WDC although I did do a couple hours at the nursing home.
Wednesday night at work was a special event for the residents I work with. It was called the Big Nazo band and I have still yet to figure them out. Some really big odd puppet like characters who basically sang for 2 hours and it got real old real fast. Ya it was strange. Last years event was so much better! Im all set with a 4 foot character with a tongue coming out of its crotch area! Little obscene if ya ask me.
Friday Chris and I took off for the Cape. We were spending the night at Cuddles and Bubbles, which we do every year for Valentines Day. We got down the Cape around 2ish went to the Cape Cod mall and ate at TGIF then we headed to the hotel to check in and wait for Dave and Angi who were meeting us down there. If you are not familar with Cuddle and Bubbles its a hotel which every room has a big jacuzzi right next to the bed. Its very romantic! That night we went to dinner/drinks with Dave and Angi. I had my #1 drink ever which is at the Outback, it is a strawberry/kiwi frozen drink. Mmmmm its so good! We woke up Saturday morning and went to the Christmas Tree shop at the Sagamore Bridge and then IHop for breakfast! We really had a GREAT time. It fealt like a second honeymoon get away! Gotta luv them nights!
Matt held the fort down at the house.......we had about 6 inches of snow here in Worcester while we were down the Cape which only got rain. Although it was perfect timing because by the time we got home the roads were down to pavement. I guess that morning the roads were horrible! Matt didnt make it to work Saturday due to the weather.
Last night Chris and I rented a couple movies from the Red Box at Stop and Shop. So we watched American Gangster (not that good) and We Own the Night (I liked , Chris didnt).
I was actually hoping to get some hours at the nursing home today but there was none available. Oh well! I guess I will enjoy the day off to myself! Matt and Chris are both working. Tonight is my Dads birthday party and thats my plans for the day.
If you would like to see some pics from our night down the Cape check out my myspace (the link is to the left of this entry).....there is only a few pics as we spent most of our time in the tub and the camera is not water proof ha ha!

Well you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will catch ya on the next entry!xoxoxox

11:52:00 AM
by KellySawtelle