Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vacationing on Florida.....

Hello Everyone..........

Yup I am still in Florida!! One week down and one to go! The weather has been amazing. Some afternoon clouds here and there but no rain. Although I think it did rain ONE night while we were sleeping, which is fine with me!
The days are consisting of waking up going to the gym with Chris....then in between the pool and the hot tub all day. To some of you that may seem very boring but not I!!!! I came here for rest and relaxation!! Not to spend hundreds of dollars shopping. Yes I am my fathers daughter! ha ha Sorry Mom!
Every night we can see the fireworks at Disney from our balcony. Which are so pretty, they even have some that look like Mickey Mouse! I can't imagine the money they spend on the fireworks to have them every night. Although they do charge a small fortune to get into every single park. Then once your in OH MY GOD if you want a bottle of water its insane!!! Which is why we are not doing any parks this year. Although we are going to Universal Studios Thursday night for the Halloween Horror Nights. So excited for that yet scared at the same time because we have gone 2 other times and it is sooooooo scary!!
We rented a cabana for Saturday and Sunday......Heidi and Marc are not sun worshipers like Chris and I so they sit in the cabana as we lay on the outside of it. The Cabanas include a refrigerator full of drinks, newspaper, lounge chairs,fruit, snacks, TV, and tubes for the lazy river. So tomorrow we head back to our Cabana.
Other than missing my son like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to get away for two weeks in a row. I made Ashley send me a picture message of Matt today because I miss seeing his face!!!
I took pictures of course and will upload them eventually.....when you come here annually like we do there is only so many things you can or want to take pictures of!
We went to dinner tonight and I ate WAYYYYYYY too much so I am off to bed so I can get the gym before we head to the pool....and most of you know Kelly does not want to miss much sun light!!! ha hahaha
Nighty Night peeps!!!
Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


swmpgrly said...

get ya butt home to suffer with the rest of
FYI all Aol journalers seem to be coming to this place now that they are closing our journals.
I need do I make it fancy like some people and where is the followers thing on yours so i can add you?