Monday, April 28, 2008

Night hawk is here........

When Matt was little everyone told me how important it is too keep him on a schedule. Well now I am realizing first hand why a schedule is so all know I have been out of work since March 20 and I have NO more schedule. I am up to all hours in the night and I sleep till late morning....I'm going to be soooooo messed up when my Dr. finally lets me go back to work!! You would think now that I have realized I would start getting to bed at a reasonable hour....NOPE...Kelly decides to write in a journal and tell everyone how messed up she is! DUH!!

I found out last week one of my residents collapsed and died...he was the last person anyone expected. One of my co-workers actually found him and she did CPR but it was not successful. She is doing much better as she was very upset, as expected, after it happen. He will be missed!!! I also found out one of my buildings is closing......part of the consolidation of the facility. So thats what I am missing at work!!

I certainly had a great weekend!! Friday my sister and sister in law and I went to pick up my neice at college.....we scooped her up and went shopping at the Holyoke Mall. My Hubby gave me some cashola to do some shopping and that is what I did indeed! That mall is amazing.......up until around 2 O'clock despite the pain pills my back was killing me to the point where I was laying on the wooden bench in the dressing room while my sister was trying on clothes! Laying on a hard surface feels good when my back hurts!! So we all left at that point.....I did feel bad ending everyones day so abruptly but if I didnt we would have never fit all the bags in the SUV ha ha

So I have been looking forward to this past Saturday night which was Micheles bridal shower and what happens to Kelly on Friday night???? I burnt my face!!! I have a dime size burn right on my cheek, the one night in weeks that I have somewhere to go I have this horrible looking burn on my face!! These things ONLY happen to me!! Anyways about the was not your ordinary sit around and eat and watch her open presents shower. I mean she did do all that but her brother D.J.'d and we had a great time!! Its always nice when all of us girls get together. We all sat at the bar and chatted and laughed all night and then I took pics while some of the girls danced. Good times!!!

Weekend ended with a lil cookout at my house....Chris cooked on the grill for us, my sisters family, Matts girlfriend Ashley and his buddy Foley. Lots of good food and then my parents came for dessert....nice ending to a nice weekend!

Although seeing another work week begins WITHOUT me I guess there is no weekend/weekday to me just yet! So I will continue my PT and go back to the Dr on May 9th and hope I can go back to work on May 12th even if it is light duty!

Matt goes back to school tomorrow........he has until the end of May and then he is all done with high school!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

Well now its off to watch some more senseless tv and I hope you all have a good work week wihtout me!!