Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should be sleeping..............

I lay here on the couch at 1:23 am and earlier tonight around 10pm I promised my husband I would not be long and will come to bed soon! Ya that didn't happen. Since I have been out of work I have been becoming nocturnal. I am addicted to the reality show Big Brother and they have a live feed from midnight to 3am and stupid Kelly is addicted to this show. So when I should be cuddling next to my husband as I promised I am sitting here on the couch watching this senseless show!

Well my house remodeling is like 75% done. Walls are painted, kitchen border is up (thanks to my mom and sister), curtains up (thanks to mom), my cousin is in the process of painting the awnings which will be in my kitchen, there are still some odds and ends but overall it looks great and I love it!

Its school vacation and Matt is finally getting some time to relax. He goes from school to work 3 days out of the school week and then works Sat and Sun also. So its nice for him to get some R&R. So when he goes back to school he will only have 4 more weeks of school! CRAZY!!!!!! He got his report card this Friday and got all A's and B's. So proud of him!!!

I went for my PT evaluation last week and got some shitty news...I was hoping to go back to work this week BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO every thing he asked me to do killed my back and I couldn't even fake it. He told me he needs to work on pain management before he can even strengthen my back. Asked if I could go back to work and he said "Absolutely!! But you bend over to transfer a client or even bend over wrong to pick up a pen and you will be back here for therapy after surgery" Than he went on and on about how you have one body and you need to listen to it and let it heal! YADDA YADDA YADDA! Thing is I know he is 100% correct but I still wanna go back to work, I miss all my friends!!

I did get some visitors from work this past weekend which was nice...Chris cooked on the grill for everyone, which was also nice. We made a little cookout out of it. I also received a nice Edible Arrangement from my co-workers which was full of chocolate covered strawberries. So I am a lucky person! I am going to miss my supervisors bridal shower at work this week but she will understand. I have PT Wed am at 9 and her shower is at 8:30 which is half hour away so it just was not going to work. Cant put off PT cuz its helping me get back to work!!

I was dog-sitting since Friday for lil Diamond and I brought him home tonight, which is always sad to see her go. She is thee cutest lil pup in the world!! Love her! I also had my two nephews sleep over last night seeing my sister and her hubby had to work today and obviously I didn't. So it was twice as nice to have them too. My God son Evan is 12 yrs old and is showing signs of being a teenager already so to my sister I have 3 words GOOD FREAKIN LUCK!! ha ha They were both great and I love having them here!!!

My per diem job has probably replaced me by now!! Luckily I get mail and calls weekly for new ones. I can not wait to get back to a regular work week!

I started walking this weekend like my PT recommended.......well it started out a lil difficult. My first walk ended up being 3 miles and because of my back supposedly I am walking differently because I woke up the following day and my right knee was KILLING me. I kept getting shooting pains in it. Good thing about that is my knee hurt so bad my back felt better. So like usual I took it too fast......I have continued to walk just took it down a notch.

This Saturday night is one of my favorite person in the whole worlds bridal shower. Miss Michelle Simmarano!!! Lots of the girls from high school will all be there. I can not wait!!! Due to the fact I am still on vicodens I will not be drinking but I still will have the best time!!! So that's something to look forward to.

On Friday I am going out to Umass Amherst with my sister and sister in law to pick up my niece Brianna and her roommate. We are taking a big SUV so I can lay down in the back seeing I wont be able to sit that long with my back.

So I have alot to look forward to this weekend!!!

Man I really should get to bed at a reasonable time...................


Brenda K said...
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Brenda K said...

I just can not stand the idea of you being in pain..I want you to feel better....who gonna make fun of me at Bocce?...and I miss you 2! smooches