Friday, August 15, 2008

Hmmmm lets see......

Honestly I really try to write in this so much more than I do but for some reason it slips my mind. No I can't even say that I don't have the time (although that sounds better) I have a job where I can get on the computer and I do much more often than I should......sorry if my boss reads this......and the first thing I do when I get home is get on my lap top. I spend wayyyyy to much time on Myspace and now Facebook so nope I got no excuse! Not gonna lie to ya!
The summer is almost over...I cant believe it. My annual Hampton Beach vacation was awesome.....we had incredible weather. The only bad thing is my husband had to leave on Wednesday due to not getting the whole week off. The man has 21 years in the system and still cant get a week off. Grrrrrrrrrr. I love the beach more than anyone I know so as long as the sun is out I have a great vacation. This year I even took a break from the beach to go to the outlets in Kittery Maine. Only because Matt and Ashley wanted to do some shopping.
Work has been of my buildings is closing due to consolidation and the poor clients are being scattered throughout grounds. Hopefully in the end it will all work out. EDCO got rid of one therapists position and rumors are there will be 25 layoffs in the next month. My job is safe ( I think) but I do feel bad for those people who are walking on egg shells. I have been going on lots of trips with the R.T.'s due to summer vacations (Oh wait can I call them vacation days ha ha) Its great to get off grounds...I have been kayaking, on duck tours, North End, Hyannis cruise, Castle Island, pool party (which was rained out and became a pizza party under a tent) and more to come. Cant beat that!! I do have to say my favorite was the North End, despite the crazy road rage dude!
Matt has been doing great since graduation......working 40+ hours working towards getting his plumbing license. He finally got his apprentice card. his boss loves him and his work ethic so its all good!! He knew what to do and what not to do thanks to my brother and dad who are/were both in the field. He took a week off and him and Ashley came to Hampton with us, which was nice! Ashley leaves Next Friday for college in Boston so I'm hoping my son is not miserable all week without her. We'll see. I'm sure he will be spending his weekends in Boston or her here.
I have not been getting much per diem hours which sucks!!! Once I get the hours I get spoiled with the money and then miss them when they don't call.
I have to mention if ANY OF YOU ever get a chance ya gotta go see "The Girls Night Out Musical" ya gotta go see it! It was thee finniest, best musical ever!!! I went with my sister, Michele, Sandy, and Jessica and we laughed our asses off. My Mom went with her red hatter friends and they all loved it too! No my crew DID NOT wear red hats! ha ha
Our annual St Rocco family reunion was held last week at my sisters house. The two of us organize this event (although my sister does way mor than me) and it was huge success. We had only a few who did not attend. Even had a couple travel in from Florida which is always nice. We had a musician, moonwalk for the kids (and some adults MOM!!), tie dying, water balloon toss, lots of great food/dessert etc. etc. This was the 68th year this event has been held!! Check out our family website which is run by yours truly!!
Starting next week I am now doing 4 day weeks!! I will be doing two 9 hour days and two 11 hour days. Which will leave me with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Chris has Friday/Saturday off so we will now both be off together. Which will be a first for us so that in itself is exciting. We will be like normal couples sharing a whole weekend together! So with us driving into work together on Mondays and me NOT driving in on Fridays I should save in gas money as well as tolls!
So overall LIFE IS GOOD!!!