Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Completely freaked out............

Today I got some shocking if the news itself is not disturbing enough the events leading up to me finding out just simply freaks the hell out of me!!

Ok so this story is gonna give you the goosebumps........One of my per diem jobs was working at a adolescent pysch unit. I got close with this one girl who was a patient. Even though in the medical field it is not ethical to get close to your patients, although personally unless you are not human your gonna get attached to a certain few. Well we will call her JANE for privacy reasons. She was bulimic/cutter/suicidal. She was d/c'ed and doing "better" She kept in contact with me via myspace or email. She updated me on how she is doing about twice a month. Well this past Saturday "for some odd reason" out of the blue I thought of her and said I haven't heard from her I should email her, which I never did because I just simply never got around to it. Today when I was sitting at my desk again out of the blue I thought of her so I went to her myspace and realized on SATURDAY SEP 6...THE SAME DAY I THOUGHT OF HER FOR NO REASON.....she committed suicide!!!!!!!!!! Her wake was tonight, HORRIBLE! I am like freaked out by this!!!!!!!!!! Now her myspace is full of RIP comments!! How crazy is that story?!?!?! Makes ya think about putting things off.....there was a reason I thought of her out of the blue. Would she have gotten my email before she did this??? Who knows but I should have written to her when I thought of it.

A clear example of never knowing what tomorrow will bring so don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!

"Today Is A Gift That's Why They Call It The Present"