Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NO idea......

OK so every time I write in this journal people send me emails commenting on it. Let me tell you I have no idea how that happens?? I have no idea who even reads this blog? I have no idea if I pressed a button that emails this to people? So if you get a notification every time I write in this send me an email and let me know who is reading my blog. Personally I don't mind but I am just curious. Plus I wanna make sure I never talk about ya! ha ha I'm kidding!!!! I think........

Well another week FLYING by......I had a 4 day weekend from WDC but not from Easter Seals. I worked 7 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Sunday. This week I am working at Easter Seals Wed, Thurs and 8 hours on Friday, which is my day off from WDC. But the money is well needed for my upcoming trip to Florida for two weeks. All in all this week I am working 65 hours! YIKES! Hey like everyone tells me do it while your young! My husband is at the Cape this week with the clients so on top of that schedule I actually need to think about supper for Matt and me. UGH!! My parents bailed me out last night THANK GOD and my parents ha ha!!

You would think for my lunch break today I would relax but NOOOOOOOO I started exercising again (with hopes my back does not fight this idea) Yesterday I walked a couple miles and today for the one hour off I have in the 12 hour work day I chose to do laps in the pool at work for 45 minutes. Oh boy did that feel good! We'll see how it feels tomorrow!

So I have to tell you all for the first time in years and years and years I went to the St Anthony feast in the North End and oh boy was it FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! Brenda and Linda invited me and we went Friday night. Great time, great food with great friends!! Can't beat that!

I am missing my husband so much which is another reason I want the week to end. It sucks when he does these trips. And no not because I dont have him to much as I enjoy his cooking its just having him here that is so much more important!!!!

Matt and I had a movie night tonight...which is always nice....we wathced What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It was pretty good, definetly a chick flick!! Thanks Matt!!!

I have made a promise to myself to be in bed by 10 pm, some of you may think that's not early but compared to when I used to go to bed it is!! Here it is 10:14 and I'm already in bed. When I finish this blog its lights they go!



Anonymous said...

hi kelly...when did you start blogging here?