Saturday, September 6, 2008

I did it..........

Yup I made it through a 65 hour work week!! It was not easy and I was mucho tired but I did it! And here we are on Saturday night and I have one more day before I start it all over again....I have not gotten my complete schedule from Easter Seals but I know I am working there after WDC on Monday. So off to WDC from 6:30-4:45 and then off to the nursing home for a couple hours! Woo-Hoo racking in them hours! Nice paycheck coming my way before Florida! SWEET!!
Hopefully I can walk by than.....Yes I injured myself tonight. Well you have all heard your parents say "Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt?" Well that's how it went tonight. We were all at my brothers house tonight and Matt and I were play fighting. Well when you play fight with someone who is 6 feet 3 tall its not going to end well for ya! My feet came out from underneath me and I landed hard on my tail bone and my arm on my brothers hard floor. So I came right home because I was in alot of pain and kind of worried about my back. My arm is all bruised and my tailbone is not good!!! It hurts pretty bad. I applied ice and took two pain killers and I am pretty nervous that tomorrow morning will be worse! Keep ya fingers crossed!
Today was a good day up until that point.......about 30 of us went tailgating at the Holy Cross/Umass game. My niece Brianna's boyfriend Emil plays for Umass and we were his cheering section. Luckily the rain held out for us and they game was a great one. And Umass won by a field goal!
My hubby came home from the Cape on Friday which made my weekend!!! I hate when he goes on these trips for work. But its such a great opportunity how can he pass it up??? Staying and eating on the Cape for a week for free?? Plus he gets shit load of comp time! I miss him like crazy when he goes!!
I got some pretty shitty news this week also.....a great example how fast life can turn. A friend of mine from work had a head injury and ended up with a inner cranial bleed. Difficulty walking, talking and she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. So keep her in your thoughts. I know she has been in mine ever since I heard about it! GET BETTER SOON MORGAN!!!!!!
Well as I write this we are getting the remnants of hurricane Hannah and the wind is insane and the rain is coming down sideways. I spoke with my friend Maggie who know lives in Alabama and she had her evacuation bag packed but did not have to go. Her house is fine with exception but her family in Louisiana had some issues. Nothing major thank God!
Well I am going to take my injured back (once again) to bed and get some well needed rest!!!