Sunday, December 21, 2008


OK so I am happy to say I am done shopping and wrapping.....I am happy that Christmas is right around the corner only because of that fact. I hate that part of the holiday. What I do love is the night of Christmas Eve. We have the traditional Italian fish night here at my house, even though my Mom does all the work. This year we have new family members coming which is wonderful. After we all eat and hang out my brother has an after hour thing at his house. This year is extar special because CHRIS FINALLY HAS THE HOLIDAY OFF!!! Also Tayla will be eating Christmas dinner with us. That makes this Christmas sooooooo special! My husband has not been home for one Christmas dinner since we met. He always takes New Years off to let the people he works with with little kids have the holiday, so to them people who have little kids and have to work the holiday because Chris got it off SORRY but I want my man home!!! Hey as long as Santa comes for them they will get over it! hahahaha Wow that is selfish but after 7 yrs I am due!!
So Worcester was absolutely killed with an ice storm and now this weekend it has basically been snowing since Friday afternoon and it is now sleeting out at 10:41 pm Sunday night. I am going into work with Chris in the AM so I dont have to drive in this weather. The forecast calls for everything to be iced in the morning so it should be NO FUN! After all 4 wheel drive dont matter on ice. I have been stuck in this house all weekend! UGH!! I do have to say there is not a dirty peice of laundry in the house (with exception of some clothes I am sure that are under my sons bed) My mom and I made Italian cookies this weekend also. I have to say they came out the best this year than ever!!! YUM!!! Nothing like Italian cookies at Christmas time! Mmmmnnn
Michele and I were suppose to go out for our Christmas dinner Saturday night but due to the wether that never happen...sad about that seeing we were both sitting on our couches all night!! Oh wait I did 4 wheel to the mall Saturday afternoon for Chris to START his Xmas shopping and he got it all done in 2 hours hahaha I guess I panic for nothing!
My back has been absolutly horrible still....I have had two chiropractor visits. I was emptying the dish washer this weekend and just like that WHAMO OUCH!!!! I couldnt even stand up! I iced it and took a pain pill and it fealt better but that sucks soooo bad something little like that throws it off. I had to pass up Easter Seal hours because lifting patients cant be good, I do not want to drop a 90 year old who is trying to get out of bed because my back goes out!
My friend Linda got the deal of lifetime......a friend of her hubby offered them his house in Fort Myers for 11 days so lucky her took off to Florida for the Holiday. She has been tryin to get to Florida for months so her wish came true! Boy did she leave right in time...missing all this snow to lay on the beach!! As much as I am jealous of her right now I am very happy for her!!!
This will be a short week.......EDCO gives up 1/2 day on Wed and off Thur and Fri. I am thinking I may take Wed off seein I have comp time from all the parties I stayed late for! We'll see if I can get my progress notes done in the next two days!

Well I am off to bed so I can wake up with the roosters in the morning to get to work with Chris.
Sweet dreams!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the season.............

The craziness of the Holiday season is in full effect.....I still have a few more gifts to buy although I am not stressing out about it. There are much more important things to stress out about. I got a phone call last night with some horrible shocking news. One of my clients at work passed away unexpectedly. He was such a fun guy, although he had his moments, but don't most of them!??! He had such silly ways about him and I will miss him dearly!!! He was one of our younger ones. RIP GARY you will be missed terribly!!!

Well last night Worcester was hit with a horrible ice storm....every time I fell asleep I was awoken by a large branches etc etc falling down. We lost our electricity but luckily we are one of the lucky ones who got it back. Than our cable went out for a bit this morning but that too is back on. My next door neighbor had a beautiful birch tree out side her house and that is broken in half laying on her front lawn.

The sucky economy has effected Matt. He was laid off last Friday but already has another interview at another plumbing company this Monday so PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep your fingers crossed that he gets it! He is not enjoying staying home he is a worker!

I have been out of work since Tuesday because I re-injured my back and have been dealing with that all week.....taking vicoden to get me through the day which eases some of the pain. I HAD an appt with the chiropractor this morning but due to the storm he closed his office down!! So I am bumming till Monday! I have such a busy weekend ahead of me that my back CAN not be hurting! Saturday I am going to NH with my sister for a flea market with tons of knock offs, Saturday night I have a welcome home party for my sons best friend who just came home from Marines bootcamp, and Sunday I have a Christmas party. UGHHHHHHH no time for a bad back! Luckily today my day consists of home all day in P.J.'s with my hubby who takes care of me!!!!!!

Well happy Shopping...........13 more days!!!!!