Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

I am enjoying a day off with my nephews due to Veterans Day......Thanks to all our veterans for fighting for our Country. Speaking of that Matt's best buddy will be coming home from Marines boot camp in 21 days!! Hopefully he will be able to be home for Christmas before he has to go back to wherever they may send him!!

Here we are already in November....the Holidays are quickly approaching and I am soooo not ready! I love Thanksgiving because it is that one Holiday you can just enjoy being with your family and not stress out about getting everyone gifts! That takes the fun out of the Holidays. When I was little of course Christmas was all about gifts but now its too much of a task.....this year I am focusing on the kids and that's it! My friends and I have decided to get together one night, no gifts, my coworkers have decided to do lunch, no gifts. Our family has a grab for all the adults and we have also decided no gifts this year and we are going to all go out to dinner in January. After all being with the people you love is far more important than opening a gift!

We got past Halloween and there was some cute costumes this year, I dressed up a couple times, same costume. Here are some pictures:

Other than Holidays coming and going.....not much more has been happening. Same shit different day is such a great quote! Oh wait we now have a new president!! ha ha I guess that's kind of big news. It just so happen to be who I voted for but that does not make him the better candidate. We will see. I have my fingers crossed for another stimulus check before Christmas! I also have my fingers crossed that this war ends and Matt friend does not get sent over there!
I happen to love November because of all the days off from work....we get Veterans day off and we get 1/2 day off Wednesday before thanksgiving and then Thursday and Friday!! I took the morning of that Wednesday off so I will be off Wed, Thur and Friday!! Seeing I don't work Fridays at WDC I will get to use a floater Holiday. I have been using my days off to work at Easter Seals. Last week I worked a 7 day week but the money is good and after all like I have said earlier the holidays are fast approaching!
My hubby sprained his ankle pretty bad and was out of work for 2 weeks but he is on the mend now and actually went back to work this Monday.....he still thinks he will be back on the basketball court on Wed but we'll see about that. I may have to threaten his life on that one!
Wednesday night I am going to dinner with Matt's grandmother, both aunts and my friend Sue. Even though Matt's Dad and I are not together anymore I still remain fairly close with his family and I look forward to catching up with them!
I have decided to get back to the gym and right now I am in the process of deciding what to do, where to join!! Due to my back injury I'm not sure going back to Kettle bells is the right choice for me but I will be starting something VERY SOON!!!!!
OK well Matt will be home from work soon and I need to cook up some supper for my hard working son!!