Friday, June 20, 2008

Roller coaster times..............

The title of this entry best describes how things have been......I have been living on an emotional roller coaster!!
On June 2nd Matthew graduated from high school, which is by far one of the happiest and proud moments of my entire life!! I was proud of myself because I thought I would cry through the whole thing but I was good. I teared up when I initially seen him walk in as they played Pomp and Circumstances and I teared up at the very end when they announced the Class of 2008. Hey I deserve to be teary and proud!! Its an honor to have raised a son like Matt. He has grown into a amazing young man and has made incredible choices throughout. It helps to have such great family support behind you and Matt is a good man today not only because of my parenting but my family as well. So Congrats Matt!!!!!!!!!!
He turned 18 on June 5th and now working for a plumbing company doing his apprenticeship. He is working 7:30-4:00 every day. When the plumber does not have any hours for him, which has not happen yet, he is doing roofing with his Uncle John. Needless to say he quit Stop and Shop.
On the 7th of June was one of my very best friend Simmi's bachelorette party, which began at my house for some pre-game festivities and ended at Fenway Park for the Red Sox game. We made pit stops at Cask-n-Flagon and then Who's on First also. It was about 100 degrees the day we went but it was a great time and the wedding is this Sunday.
I have finally started to pick up per diem hours at Easter Seals, not as many as I wish but its a start. Hopefully the caseload will pick up and they will start calling me on a more consistent basis.
I am still going to P.T. for my back and although it is much better than when it initially happen it still sucks and I still have my good days and bad days.....still gets really uncomfortable to sit in a meeting at work or lifting anything....but I am dealing.
Well most of you know I have lost 3 Aunts in a lil over a year, well this Tuesday I lost another. Although she was not just another Aunt she was the best!!! Auntie Annie was one of them Aunts you could not get enough of. She swore like a truck driver and farted like a man. You may all think that's not very nice but that was Auntie Annie and oh boy was she amazing!!! There was not a time I spent with her that I didn't laugh. I can not even put into words how much I will miss her.
And the roller coaster continues..........the same night Auntie Annie died the Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about one extreme to the other. My husband said it best Red Auerbach needed someone to dance and celebrate with and there is no better person than Auntie Annie!!!!!
I came home today from the funeral and slept from 1-4. I was completely drained and needed some rest. It has been such an up and down few weeks I felt like I hit a brick wall today! Things will get better day by day and knowing my Aunt she would not want us all moping around actually she would probably say to us "stop ya fucking crying and moping" so that's what I intend to do.
No better way to cheer up but a wedding........So I will end this with sending a HUGE CONGRATS to Simmi and Rich on there upcoming nuptials this Sunday. Can't wait!! Love you guys!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its almost that time!!!!!!!!

Wow time flies when your having fun! I missed a whole month of blogging.

Where should I begin??? Well I went back to work on May 20th. Just on light duty but it is a start. It feels so good to be back. Everyone was sooooooo nice while I was out, to all of you, and you know who you are, Thanks for everything you were all really the best medicine. I came back to work to flowers and balloons on my desk. I'm still going to PT twice a week and I do feel better although not even close to 100%.

Matt has been to two proms......his and Ashleys. They looked amazing for both proms as most of you seen seeing I am a picture freak and send out millions of pictures!

MORE GOOD NEWS..........I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!! Tough part of that was trading in my convertible. I bought a Nissan Altima and I absolutley love it!!!

A very close Aunt of mine who I love dearly suffered a stroke on Tuesday......she is a fighter and is hanging in there.....although the family sees progress the Drs are not very optimistic. She will prove them wrong she is quit the fiesty Italian woman! The stroke was on her left side which controls your language ability so unfortunatly she can not vocalize to us. So if eveyone who reads this could say a prayer for her it would be greatly appreciated!!

It is graduation season and other than Matt congrats to my cousin Jessica for graduating from nursing school, my cousin Ashley for graduating from Worcester State, Matts g/f Ashley graduated from Holy Name.

Which leads me to MATTS GRADUATION which is tomorrow night and I couldnt be any prouder of the man he has become! He is going right to work after his graduation from Worcester Tech. He is working as an apprentice for a plumber and also doing roofing with his Uncle John. He is a man on a mission who wants to make money! All the power to him. He has a good head on his shoulders and he will do great at whatever path he chooses!

So tomorrow night about 6pm you can think of me probably with many tears rolling down my eyes and overwhelmed with joy!!!!!!!!!