Saturday, March 29, 2008


I did it!! I gave in!! I am remodeling my kitchen, living room and foyer before Matt's graduation party. I have been contemplating it for a few months now and my cousin Debbie who is a interior designer came up with some ideas and it is now going to happen. I went today to buy the fabric for the curtains and all the paint, bought some accents, picked out a new light fixture, got the border...basically got everything I need to start and almost finish! My Mom is amazing with fabric and is making curtains. My kitchen is going to be like an old Italian Cafe. Very Tuscany looking. I am going to take before and after pics and you can see them on my myspace!!! (again the link is on the left)

My back is still horrible!! I have been on pain meds now for about a week. Tried to not take them on my birthday but the back started killing again so back on them I went. I have been getting out of the house but it hurts to walk for more than an hour and the sitting in the car sucks big time. I am still out of work and have to go back to the Dr on Monday and make plans for physical therapy. I miss work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great gerbera daisy arrangement from Chris and Matt came home with a huge yellow bouquet of flowers it was soooo pretty! So my house is full of pretty flowers.

I miss exercising and feel like I weigh 90000 pounds now but getting my back better is my number one priority right now.. Because being in the medical field I know if you don't take care of your back your screwed for life! Not going down that road.

So tomorrow my Mom who i also call the decorating Nazi is going to start ripping down wallpaper. Maybe its a good thing my back is injured. Chris is out of work now until next Sunday and he is going to the Cape for a couple days to golf and I am sure my mom will have this house down in 48 hours ha ha!! I make fun of them but I am lucky I have her and my cousin Debbie and my brother in law who will be crucial in this remodeling!!

Ok well back to the couch tonight to sleep...I tried to sleep in my water bed last night and it hurt my back too bad cuz its a full motion water bed with NO SUPPORT. So that's not good. I am off to watch big brother after dark cuz I'm addicted!!

Sweat Dreams people!!!


Diane said...

Hi Kelly,
too bad your still in pain but just think, you'll have the kitchen to think of for a few days to help keep your mind off pain. my Mom is great with sewing also. it's great that Chris is there to take care of you. I saw Bigfoot in my backyard while in vicoden, never took it again!!! hope you start to feel better soon. Di